Microsoft actually wanted to bring Android apps and games to PCs with Windows 11 independently of Google and in cooperation with Amazon. While the development is still ongoing, Google has now made a big announcement itself and it’s really something.


Google Play Games: Android games for Windows PC

Some time ago, Google announced that they would like to bring Android games to PCs. Now the first step has been taken, because at least the beta test has started in a few countries. Starting today, interested users from Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan can apply to use Google Play Games for Windows PC and be among the first people to Play Android games natively on a Windows PC:

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The special thing about the announcement is that Google actually forestalls Microsoft and Amazon and will offer a strong alternative to solve them. With Windows 11, Android apps and games will namely in cooperation with the Amazon App Store also supported. But who should really use this function when you can now get a solution from Google?

Google also promises a “seamless game sessions between a smartphone, tablet, Chromebook and Windows PC‘ for all users. For example, you can start gambling on the go and continue on the PC where you left off. Of course you can simply use the mouse and keyboard on the PC. Saved games are no longer lost when switching devices. Everything is synced via Google Play profile. Developers can sign up with Google (look at Google).

Google plans to add more regions soon

The launch of Google Play Games for Windows PCs in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan is just the beginning. Google wants adding more regions soon, so hopefully we too can enjoy Android games on PCs. Then at the latest we will see how well the synchronization works.