On this website you get an incredible interactive map and guide of Elden Ring

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Elden Ring is without a doubt the game of the moment. The new masterpiece from From Software and Hidetaka Miyazaki squeeze, but don’t suffocate. True to its style, it is a game with a certain level of quite particular difficulty, and there are those who do not disdain all kinds of help wherever they see it, even beyond the game itself.

If you are looking for an Elden Ring guide, you can always follow the tips and tricks shared by our VidaExtra colleagues, or you can save this incredible and fabulous website in your favorites: Elden Ring Map.

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A map of the Elden Ring, online and interactive

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Elden Ring Map

Just as its name implies, the Elden Ring Map is… a map of the Elden Ring. Now, if you’ve played the game and started to discover a bit more of the opening section, you must have been somewhat amazed and overwhelmed with the size of the world. This game is massive and packed with things to do and secrets to discover.

Unlike what we see in other open world games, in From Software they don’t take you by the hand or put route markers on you, or fill the map with anything you haven’t discovered. Of course, they give you the option to put your own markers or guide points, but no more.

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Elden Ring guide: what class to choose to start playing?  Attributes, advantages and recommendations so as not to die trying

This is where this fabulous map comes in, which is a work in progress, but it is packed with information and they continue to add more as soon as possible. The map is marked from locations to key objects, enemy types, materials, bosses, NPCs, quests and all the lootand more loot.

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You can filter all the categories you want if you don’t want to spoil surprises. If you right click on any location you can mark it as discovered. The best feature is that it also you can use this map to take notes and use it as your own playmatealthough they only let you add five notes at a time.

You always have the option sign up for a pro account (a one-time $5 payment) to remove ads, track multiple categories at once, and add unlimited notes. It is a more than acceptable price and a good way to support this type of fan initiative.

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