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They used to be synonymous with buying IT equipment in the US, and then they infamously sank into debt. HGSPOT, which in the meantime has risen from the ashes of bankruptcy as HgSpot Grupa doo, owns the online store hgshop.hr. In addition to the webshop, there are also physical stores. There are three each in Zagreb and Split, and one each in Zadar, Rijeka, Osijek, Vinkovci, Varaždin and Pula. There were shops like this in smaller places as well (I often shopped at HG Spot here in Đakovo), but they disappeared at the end of the last decade (is that so long ?!).

I must point out that hgshop.hr has delivery throughout Croatia. Most other stores charge extra for delivery to the islands, but this is not the case here. Also, express delivery (refers to same day delivery) means delivery in all cities where they have open stores with the exception of Zadar.

They are active on social media, I mean Facebook and Instagram. They have 44,000 followers on Facebook and almost 33,000 on Instagram. They also have a Youtube channel, but it is modest and comes down to posting commercials lasting fifteen seconds.

What does hgshop.hr offer?

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Hgshop.hr has a seemingly clear and simple home page. The main menu contains the main product categories offered by this webshop, and by clicking on them you will enter the subcategories. At the same time, some categories and subcategories overlap unnecessarily, which is confusing and gives the wrong impression of the width of the range. Computers and gaming computers have special places in the menu, which is a good decision. It is a bad decision that the same items appear in both places, which makes no sense.

An additional menu, located to the left of the slider, confuses the customer by repeating categories. Under ‘Apple’ you will find exactly the same products as under ‘Mobile phones and equipment’, under ‘Home entertainment’ you will find gaming equipment or TVs that you will also find under ‘Multimedia’ and so on.

As far as the slider itself is concerned, these are classic promotional activities, ie goods that the store wants to get rid of. Below the slider is a new mini-menu, at the top of which are selected special products, best buy, new in the range and those marked with ‘Hot’, which represents the most sought after products.

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The most useful part of the page is at the bottom, where the news is. There you will find out that hgshop.hr offers items that are on sale and you can buy them exclusively in their branches, and not through the webshop. What is the purpose of an online store where you can’t buy what’s on sale, but have to wait until morning and pull up to a store that can be a hundred miles away?

Smartphones and gadgets

As an authorized Apple reseller, hgshop.hr has a number of products with the apple logo. In addition to smartphones, computers and tablets, there are many accessories and accessories, which is why this webshop is an important station for all Apple fans.

Pay attention to the bold letters at the bottom

Android is primarily represented through Samsung and Xiaomi, which are rolling out new models as unbaptized. The search filter is quite precise, although it has drawbacks. It cannot, say, filter by availability. Some mobile phones are not in stock. Also, even with the best of intentions, I was not able to find out exactly how many models each manufacturer has. By counting manually on hgshop.hr. On the other hand, the technical specifications of the product provide quite enough data, which is a pain of many online stores. Also, don’t be confused by the manufacturer list below the filter. Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi are listed there, but there are actually more. You will find out who else is on offer if you filter mobile phones by brand. They also have a lot of pills in the shop window, although the offer for them has dropped a lot in the last two years. Mobile phones are growing rapidly on the screen diagonal, which is why tablets are taking over an increasing share of the market.

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Smart watches and bracelets are advancing, with the offer no different from the stores reviewed so far. Since I constantly have headphones on my ears and review them often, I peeked among them with interest. The virtual shelf with them is perfectly filled, and I definitely recommend you check out the bluetooth speakers as well. They always come in handy.

Televisions, computers and white goods

On hgshop.hr you can choose between almost 130 TVs, which means that you will surely find something for yourself. All the major players are there – Samsung, Philips, LG and others – and there are no surprises from that side. The price of the TV is fairly even with the competition and the deviations are not large. Generally speaking, TVs are a hundred bucks up and down compared to other stores. TV descriptions vary greatly from model to model. Somewhere they have so much information that based on that you can buy the device right away, while somewhere they bring almost nothing but the diagonal of the screen.

Computers, laptops, and computer components are great, or so it seems at first glance. Currently, there are almost 170 of them and they are almost evenly divided into computers for home and business use. It is problematic that the same computers appear in both subcategories, which I have already mentioned. If you want to know exactly what hgshop.hr has in stock, you will have to walk the complete offer.

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That’s why you won’t find such pains on white goods, for obvious reasons: depilatories have nothing to do with refrigerators. Vacuum cleaners, once boring and noisy cleaning devices, are now the most interesting segment of the offer. Now there are classic, then wireless and finally robotic vacuum cleaners, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. The price of this section is similar to the competition, with almost insignificant deviations from about one hundred to two hundred kuna.

Savings on hgshop.hr

There is a special ‘Promotions and Discounts’ page, located in the upper right corner of the webshop. It is actually a copy of the mini-menu below the slider on the home page, with exactly the same layout (Action, best buy, new, hot). There is a difference because they do not contain the same products. I don’t know why they don’t have the same content or if there are more such action items. Only five to seven products were shown in both places, with no possibility to load them yet.

You will find much more specific information about reduced prices in Novosti at the bottom of the page. There is also a special ‘Benefits’ section, which invites customers with a smiley to click on it. And there you will find what you see in the attached screenshot.

How to shop at hgshop.hr

HGSPOT (I don’t know why they insist on capital letters) offers several ways to buy. You can pay for the goods by bank transfer, cash on delivery when picking up from the delivery service and cards.

  • Visa, Premium Visa, Diners, Maestro and MasterCard once
  • Visa, Premium Visa, Maestro and MasterCard in installments up to 12 installments.

Delivery is made by GLS or Overseas Express and is free for all orders over 200 kuna, which includes islands. In case you buy goods that are cheaper, you will pay an additional 19.99 kuna regardless of the delivery service. There is also Express delivery, which is done the same day. The conditions are that the goods are in stock, that they are ordered by 3 p.m. This service is available in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Pula, Varaždin and Vinkovci.

Advantages of hgshop.hr

HGSPOT, or their webshop hgshop.hr has a very wide range of IT products. In addition to computers, laptops, televisions, or cell phones, to which I have devoted the most time, there are a number of other equipment hidden in various subcategories. There are also computer components, electric scooters, drones, Lego and board games, home and garden maintenance equipment… Delivery is free throughout Croatia (is there anything from IT cheaper than 200 kn?), Which will be especially suitable for islanders. If you’re loyal to Apple, you’ll find everything you need here.


A lot of products appear in different categories, which confuses and makes it difficult to buy. Some items have a very modest description, and hardly anyone will spend a few thousand kuna on an item that they do not know how it works. Product filtering is not bad, but it is incomplete. The best prices are not on the webshop, but in physical stores. You can buy such products only if you cancel your online purchase on hgshop.hr and go to one of their branches.

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