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You should remove your contacts before you sleep.

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I sleep in my contact lenses way more often than I’d like to admit, which leaves me with blurry vision and dry, sticky lenses that won’t budge in the morning. This is especially a problem on trips when I don’t feel like removing my contacts on a plane or in the car. That is, until my colleague told me about this important time-saver to remove contacts safely and easily.

It’s a simple solution, and I even tried it at home to remedy not wanting to get out of bed to clean my contacts. It involves the same amount of work you’d normally do, but you do it in advance. When you’re traveling, it’ll help you avoid the hassle of digging through your luggage and will make taking your contacts out more convenient. Note that this method is for reusable contacts and not daily disposable lenses. Check it out below.

Grab these 3 items before traveling with your contact lens

If you wear contacts, you already know you need your contact lens case and solution. Also grab a bottle of hand sanitizer so you can clean your hands before pinching the contacts out of your eyes, especially since you’ll be touching surfaces on the plane or while stopping for a snack or gas on the road.  

contact cases, hand sanitizer and contact solution

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Grab some contact cases, hand sanitizer and contact solution.

Katie Teague/CNET

Here’s what to do

Right before leaving for your trip, prep your contact lens case by cleaning it out. Then fill each side about halfway with contact solution — or the amount you normally use to fill your case up. Close the lids tight to avoid any solution from leaking out, and store the case in a Ziploc bag inside a backpack or purse, where you’ll have easy access. You can fill multiple contact cases so that you’ll have a backup if anything goes wrong, and it means you won’t have to pack a huge bottle of contact solution.

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Then, when it’s time to remove your contact lenses from your eyes, just grab your case and place your contacts inside. You’ll want to first make sure your hands are as clean as possible. That might mean a trip to the restroom or using hand sanitizer and waiting for the alcohol to evaporate (so you don’t sting or burn your eyes). 

This simple solution is clever because it saves time and will keep your eyes feeling fresh.

What we don’t recommend doing with your contact lenses

When it’s time to remove your contacts, be careful. After all, you only have one set of eyes. Here’s what we recommend.

Don’t: Remove your contact lenses during turbulence on the airplane. Contact lens solution may spill, your contact could go flying and you might jab yourself in the pupil. 

Do this instead: Wait until the plane is steady to avoid poking your eye.

Also don’t do this: Take out your contact lenses while driving or if the road is bumpy.

Do this instead: Wait until you make a stop at a gas station to wash your hands and remove your contacts.

Don’t do this: Only bring one pair of contact lenses with you. Anything can happen when removing your contacts, including if a lens rips or falls onto the floor (ew).

Do this instead: Always bring an extra pair or two with you as backup.

Don’t do this: Sleep in your contacts. Eye doctors will tell you it can cause an infection, or worse. (I admit, I need to take my own advice more often.)

Do this instead: Place the case filled with solution next to your bed so you can easily remove your contacts without getting up — whether you’re traveling or at home tucked into bed.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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