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The University Computing Center (Srcu) celebrated 20 years of the Isabella computer cluster, which also marked 20 years of high performance computing (HPC) in Srce. The celebration was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Science and Education, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the Croatian Science Foundation, representatives of leading scientific and research institutions in the Republic of Croatia, scientists and researchers – users of the Isabella computer cluster and media representatives.

20 years ago, Srce made the Isabella computer cluster available to the academic community in order to enable Croatian experts to participate in top scientific projects and encourage the wider use of parallel computer systems and the development of parallel algorithms and models in various fields of modern science. Since then, Isabella has been one of the most powerful computer systems in Croatia and represents a fundamental common computer resource of all scientists and researchers intended for performing complex calculations for the needs of research projects and education.

After the welcoming speech of the director of Srce Ivan Marić, the deputy director Dobriša Dobrenić in his presentation presented what has been happening with Isabella and high performance computing in Srce during all these years.

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“From May 2002 until today, Isabella has undergone numerous upgrades – from the initial clusters of standard user computers, through powerful servers connected by a special high-speed computer network, to the latest graphics processors. Isabella today has 140 TFLOPS and consists of 135 computer nodes, 3,100 CPU cores, 12 NVIDIA V100.16 TB graphics processors, 765 TB of shared file space. The computer nodes are connected by a fast Inifinband network with a bandwidth of 56 Gbit / s. Isabella is a common computer resource of all scientists and researchers in Croatia, thanks to which they can conduct the most demanding projects and internationally relevant research, “said Dobrenić.

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This was followed by a presentation of the future of high-performance computing in the Heart, given by Emir Imamagić, Head of the Advanced Computing Department. In his presentation, he presented the next generation of advanced computing that comes with the implementation of the Croatian Scientific and Educational Cloud (HR-ZOO) project. HR-ZOO is a strategic national project that builds a computer and data cloud, a future fundamental component of the national research and innovation e-infrastructure that will provide the academic and research community with advanced computing and storage resources and digital services built on them. Within the HR-ZOO, users will be able to use the services of advanced computing, data storage, use of scientific software, network connection and adoption of ICT equipment.

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The future HR-ZOO HPC system will consist of the HPE Cray system with a performance of 1,156 PFLOPS, which makes it the first five-scale supercomputer in Croatia. It consists of 77 computer nodes with 8,448 CPU cores, 85 NVIDIA A100 graphics processors and a total of about 32 TB of RAM. The HPE ClusterStor E1000 storage system will provide 500 TB of shared space on NVMe SSDs with a total throughput of at least 100 GB / s. All supercomputer components are connected to a 200 Gbit / s Slingshot computer network. The computer components of the system are 100% directly liquid-cooled, which achieves extremely high energy efficiency.

In addition to high-performance computing within the HR-ZOO, users will also have at their disposal the service of flexible cloud computing, which will take place on the high-bandwidth computing system of the HR-ZOO HTC. High-bandwidth computing enables interactive data analysis, processing and visualization, as well as distributed processing of large amounts of data. The HTC HR-ZOO system will consist of HPE servers with AMD EPYC 7713 processors containing 64 2.0 GHz CPU cores and NVIDIA A100 GPUs with 40 GB of memory. The system will have more than 11,000 processor cores, 16 GPUs, almost 60 TB of RAM and a gross 415 TB of fast and 3 PB of standard storage. Which will be a significant improvement over the current 600 CPU cores and 4.7 TB of RAM provided by HTC Cloud.

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“Modern science and research are based on data and today are unthinkable without the use of advanced computing resources that allow advanced computing, processing and management of these large data sets and significantly reduce the time required to conduct research and come up with solutions. Croatian scientists and researchers will be able to use these resources for advanced research after the completion of the HR-ZOO project, which is planned for the spring of 2023, “said Emir Imamagić, head of the Sector for Advanced Computing of the Heart.

“Over the past 20 years, we have managed to ensure the survival and development of Isabella in many ways. Without the support of the Ministry of Science and Education all these years as well as the interests of our users – scientists and researchers from leading Croatian scientific institutions, who work diligently on their projects and use the resources made available to them by the Heart, we would not be celebrating Isabelle’s 20th anniversary. ” Marić.

As he points out, we are facing a very interesting period in which we will launch the first five-scale supercomputer in Croatia and the HR-ZOO HTC system, thanks to the financial resources provided through the HR-ZOO project.

“We are confident that these state-of-the-art computer resources will contribute to the realization of even more demanding scientific projects and thus enable new steps forward and new knowledge in science and research. research system “, concluded Ivan Marić, director of Srca.

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