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Google Street View is fifteen years old. Do you think you have mastered the tool at your fingertips?

May 25 is the day the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) started to be applied in Europe. But May 25 is also the launch date of the Street View project. Google’s service celebrates its fifteenth anniversary in 2022. The opportunity to come back to the evolution of the tool, which has progressed so much and which is sometimes still too underestimated.

The opportunity, also, to highlight some aspects of the service that are not necessarily well identified. Because if the tool is already very practical to visualize in 360° the public road and to move there at leisure – which can be very practical to locate a place in advance, so as not to be mistaken once there –, there are other ways to take advantage of the platform.

Visit atypical places on Street View

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Have you ever visited your neighborhood on Street View up and down and across? Have you seen New York, Tokyo, the pyramids of Egypt, the Burj Khalifa? Know that there are also more unexpected places that you can visit virtually. This is the case of the International Space Station, the garage in which Google was born, the seabed, the Amazon, Fukushima or even Disneyland.

Street View Disney
If the entrance ticket is too expensive, it can be an alternative (well, okay, you won’t get the thrill of the attractions. // Source: screenshot

Display Street View and Maps at the same time

The mobile application of Google Maps contains a very practical option, but too little known: the dual display Maps and Street View. It divides the screen into two parts, one for each service. This can greatly help you find your way around in your virtual wanderings, with a view at eye level (Street View) and an overhead view (Maps).

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Google Maps et Street View
Google Maps and Street View. // Source: screenshot

Blur your face or your house on Street View

Google uses detection algorithms to automatically mask people’s faces and license plates. In general, the tool works well. But it can sometimes fail. Fortunately, it is possible to request the blurring of your home on Street View on a case-by-case basis, for reasons of confidentiality and privacy.

Street View Elysée
An example of two police officers with their faces blurred. // Source: Street View

Enjoy Google Earth VR with Street View

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If you have a VR headset and are still using it, you can explore Street View as a kind of virtual reality simulation, which adapts to the orientation of your head, as if you were there. It is possible to use it with the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, but also with more affordable solutions, such as cardboard.

Google Earth VR Street View
Google makes it possible to mix Earth and Street View in virtual reality. // Source: Screenshot

Play on Street View with Geoguessr

Do you remember the lockdowns? And skype? To pass the time with loved ones who could no longer be seen, a few video games stood out at the time. Among them, Geoguessr. The principle ? Try to guess where in the world you are. And for that, you have to virtually navigate Street View. We love.

I wouldn’t call it a failure. I would say it didn’t work. // Source: screenshot

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