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The Honor Magic4 Pro is here, and brings with it a host of awesome features as Honor launches its finest flagship handset yet. Available on May 27th from Honor, the Magic4 Pro is the latest in its brand of award-winning smartphones, which Honor announced back in March during Honor’s MWC 2022 showcase.

MUO has had pre-release hands-on experience with the Honor Magic4 Pro, so let’s see what features potentially make this handset such a giant-killer…

Eye of Muse

Nope, we haven’t gone all Wordsworthian on you. Eye of Muse is the name Honor has bestowed upon the unmissable camera array that dominates the rear of the device. The foreboding black eye staring out of the back of the Magic4 Pro features no less than three powerful sensors—50MP Wide Angle, 50MP Ultra-Wide, and 64MP Periscope Telephoto—and equips the handset with all the chops it needs to take a superb smartphone shot.

Ultra-Fusion Computational Photography

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Sticking to snaps for a second, we really need to talk about the amazing Ultra-Fusion tech that Honor has introduced to work in conjunction with the Magic4 Pro. You see, taking a photo doesn’t need to just use one sensor; why not be greedy and use all three?!

Well, with Ultra-Fusion Computational Photography, this is exactly what you’re doing. The camera will take an image using all three of the sensors on the rear face of the phone. Then, it stitches those images together, to deliver something that is significantly richer in detail than what many other smartphones can muster, even when you zoom into the image.

Industry Leading Video Recording

Fed up of still images? Let’s get things moving with video recording instead, then. The Honor Magic4 Pro boasts an industry first, shooting 4K video in 10-bit and at 60 FPS. Even the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max can’t take the shine of Honor’s fancy filmmaker’s friend; the 13 Pro Max can only film 10-bit video at 30 FPS. Eat yourself, Apple!


Shooting in 10-Bit is an excellent feature for the Magic4 Pro. 10-bit offers significantly better video capture, thanks to the 1 billion colors available to you. This kinda makes the 16.7 million colors in an 8-bit video sound a bit… well… unimpressive, really! In short, you’ll have more lifelike videos that play more smoothly than—dare we say it—any other smartphone available right now.

Brilliant Battery Management

The Honor Magic4 Pro is backed up by an impressive 4,600 mAh battery, meaning there should be enough juice in the tank to give you a day of continuous use. However, using it as our daily, we’ve been super-impressed by the long-lasting powerbank tucked away under the chassis, often getting into two days before we notice it needs a drink.

Not only that, though. More impressive still is the 100W fast charging. Seriously, plug your phone in at 10%, and you’ll be at 100% again in around 25 minutes, which is absolutely incredible. Believe us, we’ve timed it.

Stunning Display

The Honor Magic4 Pro has a gorgeous display, let’s make no bones about that. With a resolution of 1312 x 2848, this 6.81 inch OLED display is as gorgeous to look at as you might expect.

So, watching movies and playing games on the Honor Magic4 Pro is a delight, which is excellent if you’re into mobile gaming (especially with that Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip) or you want to watch Netflix while you’re on the go.

Add to this that you’ve got a rather delightful curved Fullview display, and you know you’ve got some serious eye-candy on the cards, screen-wise.

Water Resistance

This writer is a glutton for an IP rating, as you well know. Thankfully, Honor has sidestepped the firing line, as the Magic4 Pro has an IP68 rating.

So, what does this mean in real terms? Well, first off, it is fully resistant to dust and dirt. No sand is making its way inside thanks to that rating of 6 on dust ingress. For water, you’ve got a rating of 8. While this doesn’t make the phone fully waterproof, it does mean the Magic4 Pro can withstand submergence in water up to 1.5m deep for 30 minutes.

So, if you drop it in the pool or the bath, no worries, just fish it out and give it a dry off. Bingo, your phone is fine.

Introducing the Honor Magic4 Pro

So, as you can see, Honor’s brand new flagship is here to create some rather massive tidal waves. With a range of superb features that place the Magic4 Pro head and shoulders above competition, we really could have a giantkiller on our hands here…

Honor Launches the Magic 4 at MWC 2022: What You Need to Know

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