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You’ve probably heard of or know about the Amazon Echo smart speakers and Alexa, the virtual assistant that’s programmed to make your life easier, smarter, and better.

However, if you’re still not sure what Amazon Echo does or whether you need one in your home, read on. We’ll explore what makes this speaker better than others on the market through some creative uses of Amazon Echo and Alexa.

What’s Amazon Echo?

First launched in late 2014 as a wireless voice-controlled speaker, the Amazon Echo has grown to be a range of smart speakers that include Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Studio, Echo Sub, and even the Echo Show which sports a smart screen.

Thanks to voice command technology called Alexa, what’s inside Amazon Echo is now available on other devices, including the Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets, and other Alexa-compatible devices.

Alright Then, What Is Alexa?

Alexa is Amazon’s voice AI, and it works together with the Echo. Alexa puts the smart in Echo smart speakers, screens, and wearables. Alexa is even in the Alexa app on your smartphone.

Alexa runs on Amazon Web Services and requires a Wi-Fi Internet connection to work. To initiate a command, Alexa must hear a wake word. The default word is Alexa, although you can change this to Amazon and other options through the free Amazon Alexa app for iOS and Android.

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With Alexa, a compatible device can play music, answer questions, read the latest headlines, control the lights and smart devices, and much more. Since its launch, Alexa has added hundreds of pf features and tens of thousands of skills.

Now let’s check out some of the most creative uses of Amazon Echo and Alexa that make this duo a delight to own and use.

1. Make Alexa Your Personal Secretary

Yes, Alexa combined with your Amazon Echo makes keeping appointments and scheduling events an absolute breeze. Just link your calendars with Alexa to enjoy efficiency and convenience.

To do so, open the Alexa app and tap on More > Settings > Calendar. Then select Add Account at the top which will open up the page with Google, Microsoft, and Apple calendars.

Tap on one or more calendars, for example simply tap on Google calendar and follow the steps to give Alexa access to your Google account and manage your calendar—and you’re all set.

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Then forget about opening your phone or computer to check your calendar. Just ask Alexa, “What’s on my calendar?” and Alexa will read out the day’s events, or you can ask for the week’s overview too.

Just ask Alexa to add a doctor’s appointment for noon tomorrow, or a business meeting for May 19th at 10:30 am, and it will be in your calendar.

Also, Alexa will announce the event on your Amazon Echo 15 minutes before the event time or at the event time.

Plus, there is an Alexa calendar you can use too if you don’t link up your other calendars. Just tell Alexa to check, add, or delete events, and it will be done.

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You can use Alexa to set reminders for tasks, and even monthly or yearly reminders like those for paying bills or annual charges.

2. Keep Kids Entertained and Help Them Learn

Your kids will never have a dull moment indoors with Alexa around. Amazon’s virtual assistant can be both, a fun friend and a creative companion that helps them learn new things.

Alexa has many entertaining skills that you can enable on its mobile app or simply say “Alexa, enable [skill name]” to your Amazon Echo. These include the popular Disney Stories skill, games like The Loud House Challenge and Jurassic World Revealed, and many more fun games for your kids to enjoy. Plus you can also join in the fun with some awesome family games.

Alexa can also encourage your kids and help them become confident readers by acting as their Reading Sidekick. Also, to keep your kids focused and active there some great Alexa skills for students learning from home.

3. Calm Your Pets Even When You’re Away

If you’re a dog or cat parent you know how much your pets miss you when you’re away from home. Alexa also has special skills like Calm My Dog and Calm My Cat to keep your pets calm when they might be feeling lonely or anxious.

Calm My Dog plays slow-tempo classical music that can reduce stress and have a positive effect on your dog. Calm My Cat plays relaxing music to soothe your anxious cat. The music constantly plays when you are away, or you can set a timer for it.

Hundreds of cat and dog owners love these skills and their reviews vouch for how well they work.

4. Set Routines to Control Devices and Automate Tasks

Routines are shortcuts for Alexa. They save you time by grouping together a bunch of actions, so you don’t have to ask for each one individually.

You can have the lights and water heater turn on, and your favorite music play with your morning alarm, and then the coffee maker will switch on too after a few minutes—just by setting a single routine.

Similarly, you can set a routine to switch on the porch lights when motion is detected, or start playing soothing music when you tell Alexa that it’s your child’s bedtime.

With Alexa routines, you can control smart home devices like smart plugs, smart lights, cookers, TVs, thermostats, vacuum cleaners, and even keep your home secure with Alexa Guard.

Routines can be activated with numerous triggers like voice, schedule, sounds, motion, and more

Creating routines is fairly easy. To know more about Alexa routines and how to create one, read our article on how to get started with Alexa routines.

5. Create Personalized Birthday and Anniversary Wishes

Of course, when asked, Alexa will wish you a happy birthday or sing a birthday song. However, you can make a special day memorable for a loved one by customizing wishes in your own words.

For example, you can have Alexa announce a birthday surprise for your child with a simple routine. In the Alexa app, tap on More > Routines and choose Voice as the trigger and type a suitable phrase like “Alexa, surprise [your child’s name].”

Then select Alexa says as the action and choose Customized. Then type your birthday surprise and personal wishes.

You’ll love the look on your child’s face when she hears Alexa reveal the surprise. You can do this for any special occasion like your wedding anniversary or a goal that your partner has achieved.

6. Enjoy Stereo Sound with Two Amazon Echo Speakers

Asking Alexa to play music is one of the top things that Amazon Echo owners do. You can better the experience by using two Echo speakers to enjoy your favorite singers, audiobooks, and even movies in amazing stereo sound.

Amazon Echo is not an expensive purchase, and if you can, it would be great to invest in two or more speakers. Then just pair one Amazon Echo with the other to enjoy stereo sound. Here’s how:

On the Alexa app, tap on Devices and then on the plus symbol on the top right. From the menu that comes up, choose Combine speakers. This will bring up the three ways to combine speakers.

Scroll down to choose to pair two speakers. Then select the speakers and assign the left and right speakers and enjoy.

Echo stereo pairs also work with the Echo Sub, so you can enjoy deeper bass in your favorite songs.

You can also enjoy home theater sound by combining two Echo speakers along with an additional Echo Sub on your compatible Fire TV.

7. Make Cooking Easier and Fun with the Chef’s Assistants

You can always use some help to cook in the kitchen. Alexa and the Amazon Echo make for good assistants—Alexa can read out recipes and the cooking steps for you on your Amazon Echo.

And using the Allrecipes skill, you can also cook up something new as Alexa can suggest recipes based on the ingredients and the cooking time you have, and give you a perfect pairing too.

If you have an instant pot cooker you can use the Instant Pot skill to find and prepare a recipe based on cuisine, diet preferences, and more. And if you need help preparing steaks the way you like them, try The Steak Lovers’ Companion from Omaha steaks.

Enjoy a Smarter and Easier Lifestyle with Amazon Echo and Alexa

These are just a few of the creative ways you can use Amazon Echo with Alexa. With newer skills constantly being developed, there’s no limit to the different things you can do—like connect, play, learn, get tips and help, make someone’s day extra special, and do everyday things more smartly.

As you can see, it’s much more than a smart speaker.

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