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Nacon and Kylotonn Racing Games announce the postponement of Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown.

Scheduled for the end of 2021 then the end of 2022, the episode Solar Crown of the license Test Drive Unlimited is now planned for next year, but without an immediate release date: “With such fan support, we know many of you will be disappointed, but our goal is to deliver the most polished gaming experience by spending more time developing it. We would therefore like to thank the community for their commitment and daily involvement on our various social media platforms.

The new Test Drive Unlimited will also be exclusively next-gen: “We also want to take advantage of the extra development time to optimize the game and engage you more. We are currently working on a schedule for closed betas. The most impatient among you will have the opportunity to test the game well before its release. This phase will allow us to collect your valuable feedback in order to continue improving the quality of the game until its release, while remaining in more regular contact with you. Finally, in an effort to make the most of the technology of the latest consoles and to maximize the overall quality of the game, we have decided to cancel the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

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Deux concept arts pour Test Drive Unlimited : Solar Crown

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Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown from Kylotonn Racing Games studio offers a new take on racing competitions where style and reputation matter as much as racing wins. In the game, the Solar Crown competition on Hong Kong Island is contested by wealthy luxury car enthusiasts, for whom their vehicle is an extension of their personality. Two visions of luxury emerged in the city and two clans were formed, the Streets and the Sharps. Each clan wants to impose its style on the city. Players can therefore choose to ally themselves with a clan and defend its lifestyle. If the respect for the rival clan remains, there is always a desire to show his superiority behind the wheel. Each clan also has its own HQ to meet together, celebrate victories together and find new missions.

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Whether your vision of luxury is refined and elegant or provocative and rebellious, you always have the opportunity to showcase it. The Streets – whose culture is more underground, with a nightclub atmosphere – meet in an old building that they took over for the Solar Crown competition. It is located in the industrial district of Wan Chai, in the center-north of the island. As for the Sharps, they have privatized the top floor and the balcony of a luxury building in the Western District, to the west of the city. A more subdued and sophisticated atmosphere reigns in this HQ. Each of the HQs has a “public” area accessible to all players, whether Street or Sharp, but the most interesting part is the VIP area, which is only open to clan members who have proven their allegiance. In this area, hidden from the eyes of non-members, meetings are organized and missions are assigned with the aim of destabilizing the rival camp.

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