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It is often unknown to many users that Windows 10 and Windows 11 contain a hidden ability to generate reports on laptop battery status. This is one of the most important reports because as users we always want to know the condition of the battery, and this is especially true for computers that we use for a long time and where the battery is already relatively worn out.

The hidden report is entitled “Battery report“And it can give each user detailed information about the condition of the battery, but there is also many other useful information such as stating the extent to which the battery capacity has decreased over a period of time.

The battery status report is run based on “powercfg“Orders and is available through Windows Terminal, Command Prompt or PowerShella.

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In the instructions that follow below, we will use an overview of how the command works inside PowerShellabut in fact everything works the same way inside Windows Terminal i Command Prompt.

The battery status report that is obtained is actually a website-like file and reading the value from it is not difficult.

Battery report

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It needs to be opened to begin with PowerShell window. This is done using a keyboard shortcut Windows tipka + x then select PowerShell from the list, and the other way is to click on the Start menu and select “Power User” from the menu.Windows PowerShell“Option.

Since PowerShell window opened, the following command must be entered: powercfg /batteryreport

After entering the command, we will press the Enter key and information on how the battery status report is saved will be displayed on the screen below. The destination within which the report is located is known to all “Users“A folder that is on disk on all Windows computers – Local Disk (C:). U „Users“The map is our user map where we will find the report.

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It is located in a file that is in HTML format. Once we are in our user folder, we just need to open that file called “battery-report.html“.

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How to read data from the report?

When we open the report, we will see how it is divided into several sections. The first section (just below the title “Battery report“) Provides information on computer name, computer model name, BIOS and OS version, Platform Role (there are Desktop and Mobile options, and Mobile applies to all devices with battery), support for Connected Standby (mode that allows the device to work with minimal battery power) and finally states the date when the report was prepared.

The next section is entitled “Installed batteries“. It shows information about the built-in batteries and only one battery will be visible on most devices. “Installed batteries“The section consists of information on the name of the battery, the manufacturer, its serial number, chemical composition, model capacity, full capacity and number of cycles.

In this section, the most important data are definitely related to battery capacity and number of cycles.

Battery report

The battery capacity display is divided into “Design capacity“ i „Full charge capacity“. There is a certain difference between these terms. “Design capacity“Refers to the maximum amount of energy a battery can store when it is new. Although this indicator provides information on the highest energy levels that the battery can store, the more important category for the user is “Full charge capacity“Which indicates the amount of energy a battery can store when its level is 100 percent. When the battery is new and has never been used before, “Design capacity“ i „Full charge capacity“They are equal. In this case, the battery will only need a few charge cycles for the operating system to inform the user of its values.

In all other cases “Design capacity“Is a static value that does not change, and”Full charge capacity“The value decreases over the life of the battery or its potential damage.

We can give an example of a situation in which “Design capacity“44,400 mWh batteries, and the current”Full charge capacity“Is 37,685 mWh. This is the result of normal use of the battery, which wears out over time, and each user has “Full charge capacity“An indicator of how much its capacity has decreased. Number “Full charge capacityja“From the above example, it will continue to fall with frequent use of laptops and with an increase in the number of charging cycles.

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Last value in “Installed batteriesSection is called “Cycle count“. It shows how many times the battery has gone through charging cycles. The total charge cycle is measured when the battery has gone through a 100 percent to zero discharge cycle. For example, a full cycle will be recorded when the battery has been fully charged (100 percent) and its use has resulted in a complete discharge to zero, and in other cases it will be monitored when that 100 percent of the battery has been used up, regardless of charging values. which were listed.

For example, a situation in which the battery was at 50 percent and then charged to 100 percent and then discharged again to 50 percent will be viewed as a full cycle. In that case, the battery consumed the default 100 percent, which counts as one full cycle.

windows-battery status

It should be noted that each battery model has a certain maximum number of cycles and this information should be taken into account when using a laptop for work.

The next section is “Recent usage“Which shows the status of your device in terms of battery usage within recent time periods. Here you can see when your device started working, when it stopped working and how the battery was consumed during a certain period. The remaining battery capacity is expressed in two values: the percentage of battery and the value expressed in mWh.

Section “Battery usage“Shows a graph that defines how the battery has been used over time. This section, together with the previous “Recent usage“Section, time displays data for the last three days of use.

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Usage history“The section shows battery usage and the duration of the process over certain periods. Here you can see exactly how much the laptop was used via battery and how long it was used while it was plugged in. These statistics are very comprehensive and actually start from the moment the laptop is purchased and first turned on.

The next section is entitled “Battery capacity history“It’s also very interesting. Here is a chronological view of how the value of “Full charge capacity“Reduce items with continued use of laptop batteries. At the same time, a comparison with the value of “Design capacity“Items. These statistics also have a time display that starts with the data from the moment the laptop was purchased and first turned on.

It is necessary to mention “Battery life estimates“A section that provides data on the average battery life for different periods. The special feature of this section is that it provides a comparison with data showing what the battery consumption would be if it had its initial values, ie its “Design capacity“.

For example, if within the column “At full charge“You have a displayed time of 4 hours and 46 minutes of battery life, column”At design capacity“Can have a time display of 4 hours and 58 minutes. In other words, this means that using the battery in the period under review would take you 8 minutes longer if it was at its full capacity, ie. new and unused.

This information may be crucial when considering buying a new battery, as the large differences between the two items will give you the best information about battery life and efficiency.

The battery report that we can get in Windows 10 and Windows 11 does not give any instructions or recommendations, but the depth of information it provides can certainly help to review battery performance and decide if you need to invest in a new laptop battery.

Writes: Ervin Mičetić

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