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VistaCreate is a graphics editing platform for people who aren’t well-versed with Photoshop and similar apps. You can create a kick-ass resume using VistaCreate’s fancy graphics editor that allows you to play with animations, images, videos, and other template elements and also download your custom file free of cost.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you create a professional customized C.V. using one of VistaCreates’ many free resume templates.

Step 1: Sign Up With VistaCreate

Sign up with VistaCreate to access free customizable resume templates that you can download.

Step 2: Search for Resume Templates

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Searching for the word “Resume” leads to a result page that displays all the available resume templates that you can customize.

You can go one step further and search for a career-specific resume to see if you can use its content and format in your field. E.g., searching for a Dentist’s Resume leads you to relevant resume templates with proper content pertaining to the field. Not all results are relevant, barring the first few.

You can also select template elements from different resumes to create a hybrid resume.

Step 3: Choose a Resume Template to Customize

Clicking on a template you like will lead you to the VistaCreate graphics editor. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom to zoom in and have a good look at all the template elements.


If you don’t like what you see, you can change your selection by clicking on one of the many templates displayed in the left-hand column.

Step 4: Explore the Editor

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Before you start editing your resume in earnest, explore all the options provided by the Editor by clicking on each icon and learning more about its applications. Here’s a quick rundown of the various ways you can edit your resume:

1. Photos: Use any of the one million free photos provided by VistaCreate or upload your own images via My Files. There’s no limit to the number of pictures you can add to your resume. However, your account has a 10GB storage limit. You can resize your pictures, flip them, and also change their orientation.

You can further edit your photos using the Photo Filter feature. Use the Advanced Settings to modify the filter Intensity, Saturation, Blur, Vignette, etc.

Some images have a diamond watermark and require a premium membership to use. You can also purchase individual media files via My Files if you do not want a premium subscription.

2. Videos: Add your own videos or use the free ones without the diamond watermark. Do not overload your resume with large video files.

Click on the video you want to add to your resume. Clip the video file in the pop-up box to resize it, reduce the time, or only add a portion of the video to the template.

You can use a social media template—like Instagram, YouTube, etc., and create a video resume and host it on your social media accounts.

Or, explore video editing websites to create free video resumes.

3. Music: Add audio files to your resume, like a background score, to stand out from the crowd. Search for a relevant piece of music. Click on the title of the audio component to access the file editing option. You can snip the audio file or shorten it to a few notes before adding it to the template.

Close the audio file editor once you’re done. Click on the delete icon to remove the audio clip from the template.

4. Animations and Objects: In addition to regular moving graphics, the Objects section also has a feature called Masks. It helps you add images and videos in pre-defined shapes.

E.g., you can use a circular or square Mask to showcase your media. Add the mask to the template, then add a picture or video file on top of it. The Mask will automatically center the image or video file and show it in its given shape.

These features also have social media icons, lines, shapes, arrows, confetti, glitter, explosions, 3D graphics, etc., that you can use to enhance the look and feel of your resume.

5. Background: Click on the main frame of the template to edit the Background of your resume. Click on the Background icon in the left-hand column, then click on the available options to add ready-made graphics, pictures, videos, and colors to change the template’s background.

VistaCreate also allows you to control the opacity of the background images and videos.

6. Text: Choose standard fonts for Headings, Subheadings, and Paragraphs, or add fancy colorful font sets from the Fonts menu. Or, upload custom fonts using the Upload Fonts feature under My Fonts.

7. Styles: Project Styles is a unique way of changing your resume’s entire color and font scheme with a single click. Choose a color scheme you like and click on it to apply the theme to your design. You can further edit out individual colors and fonts from these set schemes.

8. Brand Kits: Upload your personalized logo and create customized branding with pre-selected fonts and color schemes. This feature is helpful for brand marketing and doesn’t have much of an implication for creating a single resume unless you’re creating standard resume templates for your clients. Use this feature judiciously, along with personal branding tips, to market yourself the right way.

Step 5: Upload Content via My Files

You can use the free media files provided by VistaCreate or upload your own using the My Files option at the bottom of the icons’ menu on the left. You can also purchase one-off media files only available to premium members by clicking on the Purchase option. Organize your uploads into folders for easy access.

Step 6: Edit Template Elements

Almost all the template elements—text blocks, images, video files, frames, animations, pointers, icons, backgrounds, etc., can be animated, resized, flipped, rotated, and moved around the template by clicking-holding-dragging them. You can also increase or decrease the opacity of most objects.

VistaCreate also provides standard text editing features like changing fonts, font sizes, boldness, opacity, colors, hyperlinks, etc.

Once you’ve decided on a set of features, you can select them all by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the Lock icon in the top right corner to make the edits binding.

Step 7: Download Your Customized Resume

Click on the Download button in the top right corner to get file format options. PDF Standard—web-ready file, and PDF Print—high-quality print, are preferred formats for downloading resumes.

If you add GIFs, animated objects, audio, or video files to your resume, you can only download it in MP4 format or GIF format without the audio file.

Choose your file format and click on Download to get your customized resume file on your system. Name it and save it in a local folder. And that’s that. You’re done!

Quick and Easy Resume Customization

VistaCreate is unique in providing high-quality print resumes and high-resolution digital resume copies for free. Having a professional look and feel to your resume will help you stand out in the prescreening round. It’s not just about playing with colors and fonts; graphic editors also provide templates to present relevant information concisely without costing a dime.

Once you get a taste for creating personalized resumes and online profiles, explore other graphics tools that provide free customizable resume templates to improve your craft.

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