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Does your Mac keep opening a Quick Note when you don’t want one? Here’s how to fix it.

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Quick Note helps ramp up the note-taking experience on your Mac by letting you quickly and easily open a new note. However, since the feature is tied to a hot corner, it also makes it easy to create new notes by accident.

If you keep triggering Quick Note unintentionally, you should disable it as a hot corner on your Mac. Read on to learn how.

Disable Quick Note as a Hot Corner on Your Mac

By default, Quick Note pops up automatically when you push the cursor into the lower-right corner of your Mac’s screen. The only way to stop the behavior is to remove Quick Note as a hot corner.

Disabling Quick Note as a hot corner will not deactivate the feature or remove the Quick Notes folder from the Notes app.

To disable the Quick Note hot corner:

  1. Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  2. Select the Desktop & Screen Saver category.
  3. Switch to the Screen Saver tab.
  4. Select Hot Corners.
  5. Select the Quick Note hot corner (the bottom-right corner) and select Blank (—). Or, pick something else (Mission Control, Launchpad, Desktop, etc.) for the hot corner.
  6. Select OK to apply the changes.

If you want to continue using Quick Note, consider adding it to one of the other hot corners on your Mac. Just pick the one you are least likely to push the cursor against by accident.

Alternatively, you can invoke Quick Note with a keyboard shortcut. Press Fn + Q anywhere and a new note should appear right away.


Make Quick Note Less Annoying

Quick Note is a versatile feature, mainly when used as a research tool alongside Safari. Don’t forget to link it to a different hot corner or use the dedicated Quick Note keyboard shortcut to keep using it on your Mac.

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