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With the influx of social media apps, there are plenty of different ways to leave a message for someone. But making a phone call is still the best way to get an instant response when you need it. If you’ve never made a phone call on your iPhone, this is the guide for you.

With an active mobile plan, you can make a call on your iPhone easily using the built-in Phone app. However, you’re not limited to this conventional method. A lot of instant messaging apps also let you make a call over an internet connection. Let’s look at all the best ways to make a phone call from your iPhone.

How to Make a Call Using the Phone App

The Phone app is the default, built-in app to make and receive calls on your iPhone. There are two ways to start a call using the Phone app:

  • With the keypad
  • With the Contacts, Recents, or Favorites tab.

Using the Keypad

Open the Phone app and tap the Keypad tab. This is where you can enter a phone number manually on your iPhone. If you tap the wrong digit, just press the Delete (x) button to backspace. If you need the plus (+) symbol for an international call, long-press the zero (0) on the keypad.

Once you finish dialing a phone number, tap the green Call icon to make your call.

Using the Contacts, Recents, or Favorites Tab

Next to Keypad are these three tabs. Here’s what they each do:

  • Contacts provides the master list of all the phone numbers you have saved into the Phone app.
  • Recents shows the latest incoming, outgoing, and missed calls on your iPhone. It includes phone numbers not in your contact list.
  • Favorites contains contacts (from your contact list) that you previously tapped Add to Favorites. It serves as a convenient bookmark.
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In the Favorites or Recents tab, tapping on a contact name or phone number starts a call immediately. In Contacts, you’ll need to first tap someone’s name, then tap the Mobile button or the phone number to make a call to that person.

To easily locate the contact you need every time, check out our tips to organize your iPhone contacts.

How to Make a Call Using Other Built-In iPhone Apps

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There are a few other built-in iPhone apps you can make calls from. One of them is FaceTime, which allows you to make free calls to other Apple users over a Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection. Explore our beginner’s guide to using FaceTime on your iPhone for more information.

Using Safari, Notes, or Mail

You can also make calls from apps like Safari, Notes, and Mail. For example, if you searched for a restaurant in Safari, you can tap on a phone number or Call button on a website to start a call. A prompt will then appear for you to call that number. In Notes or Mail, if a block of text contains a phone number, your iPhone will automatically detect it and the phone number will appear as a clickable link. Tapping it brings up the phone call prompt.

Using Siri

Siri is the virtual assistant on your iPhone. It carries out tasks based on the verbal commands you give it. But before you can do so, you’ll need to set up Siri on your iPhone.

To ask Siri to make a call, just say “Hey Siri, call…” then give a contact name or a phone number to dial. Remember, you’ll need to have saved a person’s information in your contact list already for Siri to know them. For phone numbers, be sure to voice each digit separately and clearly.

Some Tips for Making Calls on Your iPhone

Once you start a call, you’ll see the call screen on your iPhone. During the call, you can use these tips for a better experience:

  • If the person on the other end speaks too loudly or quietly, use the Volume buttons on the side of your iPhone to adjust the volume.
  • If someone in your vicinity wants to listen to the call with you, tap the Speaker button to turn on your iPhone’s speakerphone.
  • When the call ends, remember to tap the red End Call button.

How to Make a Call Using Third-Party iPhone Apps

Lastly, let’s look at some of the most popular third-party apps you can use to make phone calls on your iPhone. Just like FaceTime, the best part is that these calls are all free of charge, as long as you have an active internet connection.


With more than two billion users, WhatsApp is a highly popular messaging and video calling app. You can use WhatsApp to call a friend who’s living overseas. If you’re a freelancer, you can also contact your foreign client this way. All you need to do is add and save the person’s phone number into your iPhone’s contacts beforehand.

To make a WhatsApp call, go to the Chats tab. Tap the New Chat icon and select your contact. Or select an existing conversation from your list of chats. Then, tap the Call icon to start a WhatsApp call.

Download: WhatsApp (Free)

2. Messenger

Messenger was originally known as Facebook chat. To view your Facebook conversations on your iPhone, you’ll need this app. One of Messenger’s benefits is that you don’t need the other person’s phone number, or even be Facebook friends, to start a call. As long as they approved your initial message request and both of you have Messenger calls enabled, you can make a call to each other.

To start a Messenger call, tap on a chat conversation with your contact. Alternatively, use the Search bar to find a contact, then tap on them. Next, simply tap the Call icon on the top right to make a call. Don’t have a Facebook account? You can also choose to use Messenger without Facebook.

Download: Messenger (Free)

3. Zoom

If you have experience with working from home, you’ve probably already used Zoom before. Once you link your iPhone contacts with Zoom, the app allows you to make phone calls over an internet connection. However, if you’re conducting a phone interview and would like to record calls on your iPhone, you can use Zoom’s meeting feature to start an audio-only call instead.

In the Meet & Chat tab, tap New Meeting. Check that Video On is toggled off and tap Start a Meeting. Tap More and select Record to the Cloud. This way, you can refer back to the conversation easily at any time in the future. Remember to inform the participants and ask for their consent before you begin recording.

Take note that only paid Zoom accounts can use cloud recording. Local recording is not available on the mobile app.

Download: Zoom (Free)

Use Your iPhone to Call and Connect With Family and Friends

There are several different ways to start a call on your iPhone. Although FaceTime and third-party apps can save you money, the downside is that your call won’t go through if the recipient didn’t turn on Wi-Fi or cellular data on their phone. Therefore, if you need to contact someone immediately, it’s best to make a regular call using the Phone app.

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