Lego Optimus Prime Is a Flawless Retro Toy Mashup That Transforms | TechBuzz

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Like Garfield’s inability to resist lasagna, or ALF’s obsessive craving for cats, Lego has joined forces with Hasbro to create a new set that will be completely irresistible to children of the ‘80s who can now budget sizable chunks of their incomes to scratch nostalgic itches: behold Lego Optimus Prime.

Even though children’s cartoon programming in the ‘80s was really nothing more than half-hour animated commercials created to sell toys, Optimus Prime almost immediately became an icon of leadership, bravery, and not just a symbol of aspiration for trucks, but an entire generation of kids. That generation is now grown up and undoubtedly eager to drop $170 on what may be one of the best ‘80s toy mashups to date. Is it expensive? Yes. Do you think you can resist it? Good luck, because Lego’s done an impressive job at recreating everyone’s favorite intergalactic truckbot.

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