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Google’s Pixel 7 series is the company’s flagship line for 2022. To our surprise, Google teased the upcoming series at its developer-focused I/O event. The 7 series includes two devices, the regular Pixel 7 and the flagship Pixel 7 Pro. From the teaser, Google revealed only a couple of things about the Pixel 7.

These include the new aluminum camera bar design, the processor (Google’s next iteration of its in-house Tensor chip), improved cameras on the Pro version, Android 13, and several software enhancements. However, there are still many things we don’t know about the Pixel 7 duo.

1. Display

Google already made a jump to a 120Hz 1440p LTPO display panel with the Pixel 6 Pro, and it’s unclear whether the company will tweak things a bit on the Pixel 7 Pro. Also, we don’t know if Google will modify the display size from the previous generation. At this point, anything could happen.

2. Battery Capacity and Charging

When buying any premium smartphone, two important things to consider are the battery and fast charging capabilities. These ensure that the device provides enough screen time and assure you that even if your battery dies, it won’t take long before you are up and running again.

Sadly, Google didn’t care to include such vital details in its teaser. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro included 4614mAh and 5003mAh batteries, respectively, with 30W fast charging support, which was much slower than the competition. We’ll have to wait and see if Google will bump up the battery capacity, fast charging rate, or both.


3. Camera Hardware

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The 2021 Pixel 6 series had massive camera improvements from the Pixel 5. And with the Pixel 7 series, Google is promising to set new standards for photography. But, for any mobile photography nerds out there, Google didn’t brag about the specific lenses or sensors that the upcoming Pixel 7 duo will use.

Nonetheless, given that upgraded cameras were one of the best features of the Pixel 6 series, it’s worth being excited about what Google has in store. We only know that Google will stick with the same number of cameras across the two. In other words, the Pixel 7 has two cameras on the rear while the Pro has three.

4. Memory and Storage

If you’re wondering whether Google is finally making a jump to include 1TB of onboard storage, the jury is still out. Despite the reveal, the tech giant didn’t provide any hints on the amount of memory and storage available on the Pixel 7 series.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro saw Google jumping to 256GB and 512GB of onboard storage. This was despite not including a storage expansion slot for several iterations of the Pixel.

5. Launch Date

The Pixel 7 series will launch later in 2022, but there are no specific dates. So if you want to upgrade to the Pixel 7 from your Pixel 6 or older, you might have to wait a little longer.

But while there’s no official launch date, you can expect the series to launch in the second half of the year. The Pixel 6 was announced in October last year and went on sale at the end of that month.

6. Retail Price

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Price is yet another important aspect that Google didn’t specify. We bet they are buying some time to try and gauge the market for a suitable price tag. And it’s not just the Pixel 7 series. The Pixel Watch, one of the biggest reveals at Google’s I/O 2022 keynote, doesn’t have an official price tag yet.

Without a price tag and detailed specifications, it’s tough to determine what kind of value the phones will provide. For reference, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro started at $599 and $899, respectively. The update to the pair might be pricier, or maintain that price; but with the Pixel 6a launching at $449, it seems unlikely they will be cheaper. At this point, who knows?

The Pixel 7 Series Is Coming

The purpose of teasing the Pixel 7 series months before launch seems like a way to minimize speculation. Before the reveal, there were already lots of rumors going around since late 2021.

And while knowing the official design and colorways ahead of time is exciting for would-be Pixel 7 series owners, there are so many details that you have to consider before buying a device. Unfortunately, most of the critical elements are still unknown.

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