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Game controllers were practically started by Logitech. Today we have full compatibility with Xbox360 or Xbox One controllers and that’s what most games revolve around. In its product line, the Logitech F710 Wireless Controller is the crowning achievement of the series and in the rest of this article we will talk about why the Logitech F710 Wireless Controller is a very good controller and why you might like it too.

Logitech F710

Controller capabilities

  • Two AA batteries power the controller.
  • The controller works with a USB receiver that you connect to your computer. The controller came with a cable with which you can extend this receiver and bring it closer to yourself.
  • There is a place where you can store the receiver inside the controller. Be sure to use it! The receiver is very small and would be very easy to lose.
  • The controller also has a switch on top for switching between Xinput and DirectInput.
  • DirectInput is an older way of managing controllers. Most modern games will use Xinput. It’s nice to have the option of the controller running in very old games.
  • There’s also a button that also changes the main motion controls from the joystick to the D-pad. This is very useful for some specific games.

Price of controllers in Croatian stores: about 400 kuna

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Logitech F710

What does the Logitech F710 controller look like with its design?

The controller is very similar to the PlayStation DualShock controller. The position of the keys is very similar to the PlayStation Three DualShock controller. The colors and letters on the keys are more reminiscent of Xbox controllers. The controller is a hybrid of a PlayStation Dualshock and an Xbox One controller. The Logitech F710 comes in a thermo-sealed, foldable package. Clear use of the company’s new packaging style with a black background with white and blue accents.

It is quite difficult to manually remove the F710 from the packaging, so it is highly recommended to use scissors. Inside the package there is documentation, extension cable, receiver antenna and the F710 gamepad itself.

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The Logitech F710 comes in a silver / black case with a matt black bottom shell for maximum grip that wraps around the side. The silver front looks simple and straightforward with color buttons the only difference in the otherwise two-tone Logitech F710 scheme. When we turn the gamepad over, we can see the back of the matte-coated gamepad.

If you’ve noticed that little arrow, it’s the battery terminal protection that blocks one of the terminals during transport. Logitech is handy enough to pack batteries with its F710 gamepad which is a nice touch. Please note that these are not rechargeable batteries and must be replaced when discharged. If you replace them anyway, they are AA batteries and only such batteries will fit. You can use rechargeable models when replacing the batteries. Note that the Logitech F710 does not have a USB cable for direct connection to a computer, so there is no wired mode or charging mode.

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The Logitech Plug-n-Forget or Nano receiver is so small that you’ll actually forget about it after use, so be sure to store the receiver in the slot on the Logitech F710 battery compartment when you’re not using it for a long time.

What are the reasons why you could (and should) buy this controller?

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I used a Logitech F310 wire controller. I bought a wireless controller because I thought it would be more practical. I ended up damaging my Logitech F310 controller as it fell out of my hands several times. I learned my lesson the hard way, but you don’t have to be like me. Don’t be so clumsy and drop your controller so many times that the side keys are damaged. Currently I only use the F710 wireless controller, which is great. I’ve been thinking about buying another F310, but for now there’s no need for that. The controller is very compatible with any Steam game you can play on your Windows computer, provided the game of course supports the use of a controller.

The Logitech F710 adopts the Dual Shock II layout of controls and buttons, which will allow the computer to recognize this controller as an Xbox 360 controller. Many gamers who use Playstation consoles will want to buy this one too, if nothing else then at least to spare, but audiences who love the Xbox 360 will have to get a little used to the position of the mushrooms as well as the other keys. Another key feature to consider is that the Logitech F710 is a thick gamepad similar to the original Dual Shock controller, from the era of the PSX or PSOne controller. The dimensions are further enhanced by the large batteries that you have to use with it.

Logitech F710 wireless controller

Logitech F710 wireless controller testing

To test the Logitech F710, I launched the following games on Steam with gamepad support, namely Resident Evil 2 Remake, Tekken 7 and Resident Evil Village. I like to use the controller to play games on the computer, especially when playing Resident Evil or fighting. Somehow it is more natural for me to kill zombies and solve puzzles using gamepad than to use mouse and keyboard (although mouse targeting is much more accurate and better than gamepad targeting, since you have to rotate the right mushroom to target gamepad).

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At a distance of about 2 meters from the receiver, the response was still good. Moving the receiver back was not at the top of my list of best practices, but surprisingly, the Logitech F710 still had good reception even with the internal WIFI antenna installed there. Some fans of fights might be concerned about the response time of the gamepad and this is a legitimate concern. At 2 meters or more, the delay is visible, but at less than a meter, the delay is virtually non-existent and offers solid performance for games that require a quick response, such as fights, such as Tekken.

When it comes to comfort of use, the experience should vary from person to person. I personally prefer heavier peripherals; from my mice to the gamepad and the Logitech F710 is perfect for me. The handle is well designed and fans of controllers designed as Dual Shock Playstation controllers feel like they are in familiar terrain, while the look of the keys reminiscent of the Xbox 360 should be easy to customize for any player.

Although mushrooms could be the other way around for X360 users, since I’ve been a PS controller user since the early days, I find this layout very comfortable, especially for games like Tekken 7, Devil May Cry 5 or eFootball: Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. Mushrooms could be a little looser and those accustomed to adjustable mushrooms with Razer Onze might feel like a great breakthrough, but for casual gaming I think the F710 is pretty accurate when you gain a sense of control, which will take you more or less time, depending on whether you used the controller before and what kind you used.

Battery life

The battery life on this controller is pretty good, but not perfect. This should be taken into account especially by those who play online multiplayer games. The Logitech F710 has undergone the same tests as I normally test wireless controllers: extended racing sessions, fights, few RPGs and I’m glad to say that Logitech has really done something pretty durable with the F710. Even after more than 200 hours of gaming, the batteries still last, which is definitely a plus.

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But this is still a wireless controller, which means that the batteries will be discharged once, and that is always a minus, when comparing wired and wireless controllers.

Similarities and differences compared to other models

The Logitech F310 is the same controller as the Logitech F710, but with a cable. No weird problems with wireless and battery. Also, the controller is cheaper.

The controller looks like a PlayStation 3 Dualshock controller. If you already have a Dualshock controller, you can continue to use it. The Logitech F710 is a cheaper controller.

The Xbox One controller has joysticks in different places. I prefer the mushroom accommodation on the Logitech F710 model. The original Xbox 360 controller provides even better gaming compatibility, but its biggest drawback is that it is much more expensive than this model. In addition, I personally do not prefer Xbox controllers, not only because of the price, but also because of the layout of the keys, as well as mushrooms.

Concluding remarks

With the Logitech F710 you get a fully functional gamepad, compatible with a multitude of games and full support for other home models plus its wireless connection. Those who like wireless controllers and don’t want to spend a lot of money will be more than happy with this model. The Logitech F710 is also compatible with most modern Android devices via OTG or On the Go connectivity.

Finally, the Logitech F710 is a great gamepad, offering wide compatibility for games and platforms. Its balanced, traditional design is further emphasized by more than good ergonomics, solid build quality, as well as excellent performance and mushroom sensitivity, which is always a plus.

Could I recommend the Logitech F710 Wireless Controller?

Definitely yes. Personally, I’m not a big fan of wireless controllers. But this model almost got me on that side. Because of all its pros, which are far more than a minus, I recommend the Logitech F710. Although it sometimes has unusual connectivity issues, these interferences aren’t so great that you won’t want to use this gamepad because of them. I’ve heard that this model can show some unusual problems with Linux computers, but personally I can’t confirm or deny it, because I haven’t had a chance to try it on a Linux computer.

All in all, if you want a great, wireless controller, reminiscent of Dual Shock 1 and 2 controllers, and if you want to save money while doing so, then it would definitely be a good idea to consider this model when buying your next controller.

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