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Before you start on YouTube, it’s easy to think that gaining subscribers is as easy as talking in front of your camera a few times and uploading your videos. However, the truth is much more different. If you don’t set realistic expectations, and you refuse to let go of your ego, your channel will suffer in the long run.

Having a high subscriber count is synonymous with being trustworthy and established, but getting to that stage can take several years. So, you’ll need to try alternative tactics in the beginning.

One way you can stop your subscriber count from dictating whether people follow you or not is by hiding it. Doing so, however, has its pros and cons.

The Pros of Hiding Your Subscriber Count on YouTube

Hiding your subscriber count on YouTube has a couple of key benefits, and it can help you focus on providing valuable content. Below, you’ll find the three biggest advantages of not letting other people see your followership.

1. Viewers Might Take You More Seriously

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Most YouTube channels fail, and one of the largest reasons is because someone gets bored by uploading videos regularly. If you have a small subscriber count and people see that you don’t have many videos in your catalog, they might not take you seriously.

You’ll notice this attitude when you talk to others about YouTube. If you tell them you’ve just started a channel or state your intentions, you might see some people scoff at you or brush off your ambitions.


Your early days trying something, especially if you’ve never taken on a big project before, are often disheartening. However, the only way you can tackle this feeling is by committing to your channel’s growth and showing what you can do through your results.

If you hide your subscriber count, you might find that potential subscribers take you a little more seriously—and that they choose to click the red button without going through your catalog.

2. Viewers Might Trust the Validity of Your Content More

Regardless of whether it’s right or not, many people make judgments on social media based on numbers. If you’ve ever hidden your like count on Instagram, you might have noticed that people pay more attention to the actual content—even if they don’t follow you.

Similarly, you might have thought twice about purchasing a company’s goods and services if you noticed that their social media profiles only have a few hundred followers. Bigger numbers equal higher levels of perceived trust and experience.

If you don’t have a large subscriber base on YouTube, you’ll probably find that many users don’t trust you—even if what you say in your videos is valid and valuable. Until you have at least 1,000 subscribers, hiding your subscriber count might give people more reason to trust you.

3. Focus on Creating Better-Quality Content for Your Channel

Not having a lot of subscribers on YouTube can feel disheartening, especially if you know that what you put out is pretty valuable. If you constantly compare your channel to others who’ve been in the game for longer, you might feel even worse.

Hiding your subscriber count won’t solve all of these problems. Still, you can at least focus on producing better-quality content—both visually and informatically. Since users can’t see your subscriber number, you can have more faith that they’ll join your journey because you post interesting stuff, not because of a sub count.

If you’re unsure where to start with your content, check this article that outlines video ideas for your new channel.

The Cons of Hiding Your Subscriber Count on YouTube

While hiding your subscriber count on YouTube has several associated benefits, you’ll also need to deal with a few drawbacks. Below, you’ll find the three biggest cons you should consider before hiding your subscriber count.

1. You Can Still See Your Subscriber Count

When you hide your subscriber count on YouTube, you only make the number invisible to other users. If you go to your studio dashboard, you can still see how many people have subscribed to you.

If you hid the count so you wouldn’t feel bad when comparing yourself to other channels, you might still face the same disappointment when checking your analytics. On the bright side, though, you can use these statistics as motivation to reach the next level.

2. Potential Subscribers Might Not Appreciate the Lack of Transparency

Building an audience on YouTube shares a lot of similarities with growing your presence on a live streaming platform. If you want to keep people coming back to your content, trust is one of the most crucial aspects.

If you’re a small creator, but you’re open about wanting to improve and post content in the long run, many viewers will appreciate the honesty. And while some users might trust your validity when you hide a small sub count, others won’t appreciate your lack of transparency.

There isn’t a right or wrong approach here; you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth the risk. If you post daily vlogs, it might not matter, but hiding your count is perhaps better if you’re publishing personal finance advice.

3. You Could Drive People Away (Even if You Already Have a Large Following)

Almost every large YouTube channel shows you the number of people subscribed. When hiding your subscriber count, you need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you already had a lot of users following you, you probably wouldn’t feel the need to make the number private. So, you could still unintentionally drive people away.

Your Early Days on YouTube Are About Gaining Trust

Starting a YouTube channel is nowhere near as easy as many make it out to be. You need to put in significant effort in your first few years to make things work, and you’ll have to deal with others not caring about what you do until you eventually make it big.

Hiding your subscriber count can remove a lot of the early stress you might feel and it can prevent people from clicking away from your channel just because you have a small following. On the flip side, hiding your subscriber count can also put them off. You need to carefully consider which approach is right for you.

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How to Hide Your Subscriber Count on YouTube

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