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Maybe you want to make a decision, or maybe you’re simply trying to pick a random number. Regardless of why, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to quickly and easily get a random number for free online.

Luckily, there are a whole host of different websites around that let you accomplish just that. Here are ten of the best.

First on this list comes’s Random Number Generator. If you’re looking for something with some solid options for big numbers and a couple of different choices of generator, then this is a great choice to do so. comes with two different versions of its random number generator. The first version is relatively straightforward. You declare your range, say from 1-100, and ask the webpage to generate you a number. It will randomly choose one from within that range.

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If you’re looking for something a little more complex, you could always learn how to build a random number generator in Google Sheets, but you could also use this second option instead.

At its core, it’s still a random number generator, but you can go into more precision than just whole numbers. If you’re looking for values with long trailing decimals or to generate multiple numbers at once, then this is the option for you.


Next up, we have RANDOM.ORG. RANDOM.ORG is potentially the most truly random option on this list, so if you’re looking for random numbers, and you care about accuracy, then RANDOM.ORG might just be your best bet.

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So how can one random number generator be more or less random than another? Effectively, most computer programs as only mostly random. Most of the time, this doesn’t matter, but there is technically a pattern in play that is causing this near or pseudo-randomness.

RANDOM.ORG uses a different approach. The website monitors atmospheric noise, and uses these values to give you random results. This means that the numbers are determined not by a computer by but the atmosphere, making them nigh-unpredictable.

The random number generator itself is relatively straightforward. You can select whole numbers and a min and max range, and RANDOM.ORG will generate a number between them for you.

There are more options throughout the webpage, but these go slightly beyond the scope of random number generators.

If you’re looking for something with a lot of solid customization options, then is a good choice.

When you ask this webpage to generate numbers, it does so on a quick loop. You can adjust this looping so that it happens more slowly, quickly, or not at all, if you so wish.

The random number generator itself only accepts whole numbers, but can generate huge quantities of numbers very quickly. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this is a great choice.

Next up, we have Random Number Generator. If you’re looking to run multiple different random numbers simultaneously, then this is a great option to do so.

As just a random number generator, this tool is pretty basic. You select between two whole values and generate one in between the two. However, you can also set up multiple different random number generators in the table below.

By default, these are variables such as random numbers between 1-100, 1-1000, etc. You can, however, change them to whatever you see fit. This means you can generate a bunch simultaneously.

Number Generator is a great option if you’re looking to filter your results in a certain way.

The random number generator itself works in a way that’s relatively similar to many others, with plenty of options such as quickly rolling through numbers, only generating odds, or sorting the result.

Where Number Generator shines is with how it allows you to define certain filters. For example, if you want to ignore all twos, you can filter them out specifically. There’s a lot you can get done here.

If you’re looking for something simple to embed in a webpage, then GIGAcalculator’s Random Number Generator is a good option for just that.

With this random number generator, you get some pretty basic options, such as defining a range between two whole numbers and how many numbers you want to be generated.

You can then copy these results if you want onto your clipboard, and embed the whole random number generator into a website if you so wish. It’s a little easier than learning how to use the RANDBETWEEN function in Excel.

Next up on this list comes CalculatorSoup’s Random Number Generator. If you’re looking to generate multiple numbers and share them via a link, then this is a good option to do so.

As with many other random number generators, CalculatorSoup’s allows you to define a range of whole numbers and generate multiple numbers from that range. You can dictate the quantity generated as well as if any of the numbers repeat.

When you’re done, all there’s left to do is share the random number generator with others with the link generated at the bottom of the tool.

If you prefer something quick and simple, Math Goodies is a great option to get a quick number without a lot of the bells and whistles that can get in the way of other random number generators.

All you have to do is define your range of two whole numbers and click generate, and you’re off. There’s not much more to Math Goodies’ Official Random Number Generator, which makes it great if you just quickly want a number.

If you’re looking to run a raffle and need a random number generator that contains proof of the result, then Random Result is a great option to do just that.

At its core, the random number generator simply allows you to pick a certain quantity of numbers between a range that you define. Once you’ve done so, however, you can get the ticket for your pull.

This ticket will say exactly when and at what IP the draw was performed at, and you can even password protect it if you so wish. Perfect for raffles or anything else that needs proof of being randomly drawn.

Finally, we have Stat Trek’s Random Number Generator. If you’re looking to generate huge quantities of numbers for use in say statistics or the like, then Stat Trek is a great place to go.

The random number generator behaves similarly to others, though on a different scale. You can generate random numbers in the thousands for both quantity and their individual values.

Stat Trek displays these numbers in a huge grid so that you can see them all easily or take them somewhere else. This is ideal for large-scale problems.

No Dice? No Worries

As you can see, there are tons of different options available for you if you’re in need of a random number generator, no matter the situation that you’re in. All you need to do is find the one that seems most suited for your problem and give them a go. They’re all entirely free, after all.

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How to Build a Random Number Generator in Google Sheets

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