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LoL and DotA 2 are your favorite games? Do you want to continue the smartphone experience while on the move? So here is our selection of the best MOBAs on Android, with of course a preference for free-to-play and not for pay-to-win.

Pokémon Unite // Source : The Pokémon Company

League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, Heroes of the Storm… These names are probably familiar to you if you were interested in video games at all this decade. Behind these behemoths of the video game market, jewels of thee-sporthides a unique style of play: the MOBA.

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Two teams compete to see who will destroy the other’s base. To do this, you will have to advance along the lanes, punctuated with enemy minions and turrets to destroy, while protecting his own. These lanes are surrounded by junglesareas where there are monsters that each of the two teams can defeat to gain bonuses.

Long reserved for the PC, the MOBA fashion has been exported to mobile for a few years now, and success is there too. So what are the main games on the market and what sets them apart? That’s what we’re going to see together.

Arena of Valor


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Arena of Valor, or AoV, is one of the most popular MOBAs on mobile and has hundreds of millions of players around the world. It bears a lot of similarities to League of Legends, the most played and famous PC MOBA, since both LoL and AoV are owned by Chinese giant Tencent.

The main peculiarity of AoV lies in the quantity of playable characters (more than 60). These include four licensed DC Universe superheroes: Batman, The Joker, Superman and Wonder Woman.

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The game features a classic 5v5 map and a much smaller 3v3 map with only two rounds per team and a jungle very shortened for faster games

Note the particularly nice effects of the skills of the champions, while keeping the game fairly resource-efficient.

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite takes the basics of the MOBA by remixing them in its own way. And not just any sauce: that of one of the most profitable franchises in the history of video games, neither more nor less than Pokémon.

You will embody one of the famous little beasts with, of course, the possibility of unlocking developments as you pass levels. Wild Pokemon are also spread over the map to gain experience and therefore power.

Pokémon Unite also changes the basics of the MOBA: we go from three lanes in twos, you no longer have to destroy opposing bases, but score baskets by collecting points. The matches are short and we obviously take great pleasure in playing with the characters of the famous franchise.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Mobile Legends completes the trio of the three most famous MOBAs on mobile, with Vainglory and Arena of Valor. Sporting a much more simplistic style and cartoon than its main competitors, it nevertheless remains very classic in its mechanics.

Long accused of plagiarism of League of Legends, he was even sued by the publisher of the latter in 2017. It must be said that many elements are directly inspired by the MOBA PC universe. At least LoL players will be a bit confused.

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Small peculiarity however, the possibility of defending his country in matches between nations, a bit like in more traditional sports.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

How to talk about the MOBA without mentioning League of Legends, or LOL for friends. And yet, until recently, the flagship game of the genre had no real version on smartphones.

We had to wait until December 9, 2020 for the release of Wild Rift, a real mobile version of the game in 5 against 5. The advantage of such a recent and popular game is an exemplary follow-up, with many updates and new champions who join the battle regularly.

Heroes Evolved


Behind this colorful MOBA hide several peculiarities, starting with the absence of bushes. For anyone who has ever played a MOBA, you surely know how big this difference is. For others, bushes are areas in which players can hide without being seen, unless they attack or an enemy enters that same bush. Their disappearance therefore changes a lot of things in the strategic approach of the game.

Heroes Evolved also features a Chaotic Strike mode where players can cast their skills with little or no cooldown and without expending energy (similar to League of Legend’s Ultra Rapid Fire mode). Also note the possibility of playing Bruce Lee in the

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