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From July, billing will no longer be per minute, but per kWh on Ionity terminals. Two tariffs will be offered.

Porsche Taycan charging on the IONITY network // Source: Porsche

If refueling an electric car remains in the vast majority of cases much cheaper than filling the tank of a gasoline vehicle, it remains a price all the same. This is particularly the case if you use fast terminals, the cost of which is high, varying according to the operators, as well as any partnerships with certain manufacturers.

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We obviously think of Ionity, which currently charges 0.79 euro/min to users who do not have a subscription and use its 350 kW terminals. A significant cost, which can nevertheless be reduced by subscribing to a formula costing up to 17.99 euros per month, or by buying a car from one of the company’s partner brands. Some, like Volkswagen or Audi, benefit from preferential rates.

A revised pricing policy

Currently, Ionity charges charging at its terminals by the minute. This can then quickly cause the final amount to explode, especially for cars with only low charging power. In this case, it is then necessary to remain connected longer, for a lower quantity of energy, thus increasing the price of the load. But that will soon change.

During a conference, David Mignan, director of operations in Europe of Ionity announced that the company was going to set up a billing per kWh and no longer per minute from July 1st. A pricing policy then deemed fairer and more attractive for customers, while two offers will be offered: 0.39/kWh on 50 kW terminals and 0.69 euro/kWh on 350 kW terminals.

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Better prices

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As a reminder, it was necessary to count 0.39 euro/min on the 50 kW terminals and 0.79 euro on those of 350 kW. A development that should then benefit owners of cars that take longer to recharge. For example, it will now take around 25 euros to refuel a Hyundai Kona Electric, compared to 30 euros with the rate per minute.

On the other hand, this new policy will be less advantageous for vehicles with a larger battery and greater charging power such as the Tesla Model 3 and other Porsche Taycans. Note that preferential rates for BMW, Hyundai, Mercedes, Ford and Volkswagen group models are still valid.

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