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Holidays in space today still sound like science fiction to all those who are not super rich. But it is likely that such trips will become more frequent and common. Who are the tourists of the future, how will they choose holiday locations and what can we do today to become a desirable destination in the future? These and many other questions will be answered at the Future Tense conference on June 8 and 9 in Zagreb by Dr. sc. Ian Yeoman. He is the only futurologist in the world who specializes in tourism and travel.

“In 25 years, the real adventure destination will be the Universe. Until then, companies will offer suborbital day trips, and looking at the curvature of the Earth will be the ultimate opportunity for day trips. It will still be very expensive, but it will not be just for the super rich. Due to supersonic and perhaps even hypersonic aircraft, New Zealand will become a weekend destination for residents of the UK and Europe. In addition, climate change will make colder climates more attractive, and people will be more in demand for tourist trips whose emphasis is on nature and its beauties. The authenticity of the location will be sought, which means that well-known, mainstream tourist destinations will have to devise innovative methods of attracting guests, ”says Ian Yeoman.

This professor from the University of Victoria in Wellington learned his craft as a planner for future scenarios for the Scottish national tourism organization Visit Scotland. During his many years of work and research in the tourism sector, he has written and edited more than 20 books and is the editor of several leading scientific journals, including the Journal of Tourism Futures. Ian Yeoman is a frequent speaker at international conferences of travel organizers, such as the Travel and Tourism Research Association and the UNWTO, and this year the International Hospitality Institute named him one of the world’s 25 best tourism promoters.

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Visa will also take part in the discussion on the future of tourism, one of the most important economic branches in Croatia.

“Uncertainty and unpredictability are now expected, but what is clear is that the future of money and business is digital. The pandemic has accelerated change, and we have noticed that it is a permanent and long-term change in consumer behavior towards digital.

Accordingly, Visa has launched the Digital Croatia initiative, where in cooperation with partners we provide POS terminals free of charge for six months to Croatian small and medium enterprises and craftsmen. This is one of the ways to contribute to ensuring the future of their business, “said Renata Vujasinovic, director of Visa for Croatia.

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Secure your place at the Future Tense conference today because the number of tickets is limited. Take advantage of the 3 + 1 offer, within which you get the fourth free ticket for three paid tickets. Secure your registration fees here.

In addition to Ian Yeoman, Zagreb’s Lauba will host five other world-renowned futurists on June 8 and 9, who will present their predictions about the future of the business. These are Daria Krivonos, Mike Bechtel, Daniel Susskind, Anne Lise Kjaer and Mike Walsh, who will give lectures on: A Sustainable Future, The Future of Technology, The Future of Work and Education, The Future of Governance and The Future of Independent Thinking and Leadership.

The conference will last for two days, June 8 and 9, and each day will present three thematic units that will include a lecture by a futurologist, a panel discussion with a futurologist, public sector decision makers and relevant interlocutors from the business community.

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More information about the conference can be found at www.futuretense.eu

Ian Yeoman’s TED talk on the present and future of the tourism industry can be viewed HERE.

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