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Microsoft is currently working intensively on a new version of Windows known as 22H2 version and codenamed Sun Valley 2. This is the first major update to Windows 11 and therefore all information regarding it is closely monitored.

22H2 brings new features, user interface upgrades and many new features that will be interesting to users. Work on this version of the operating system began shortly after Windows 11 was completed and is currently under testing within Windows Insider.

Windows 11 22H2

What’s new in the 22H2 version of Windows? Below is a brief overview of the most important details that are known so far:

  • application folders in the Start menu
  • a special section within the Start menu to which icons can be pinned
  • Drag-and-drop na traci zadataka
  • System Tray updates (taskbar section with easy access to individual applications)
  • Focus Assist integration with Notification Center
  • a new “spotlight” feature for the desktop background (background) in Windows
  • a new Voice Access accessibility feature
  • new Live Captions feature
  • new gestures and animations for touch screen users
  • new minimized taskbar interface for tablets
  • new Snap layout bar
  • new Task Manager application
  • better OneDrive integration with File Explorer
  • numerous user interface upgrades and more stable updates.
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The above list is just a brief overview of the most important changes we can expect with the arrival of the 22H2 version. Of course, there are still a number of minor system fixes and optimizations going on here that we won’t list. There will certainly be more information about the changes in the coming time, but for now it is known that the 22H2 version is coming during the second half of this year. Version 22H2 will have its last “build” during May and after that the final work on it will be carried out in the summer. Estimates say it could be available to users in September or October.

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Below we provide more detailed information on some of the important features of the changes that come with the 22H2 version.

Windows Shell in version 22H2 has received a lot of attention and Microsoft continues to visually clean the user interface with new and more modern designs of Windows 11.

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For example, this will be evident in the 22H2 version with the introduction of a modern design in the tone or brightness adjustment sections and new pop-ups that appear when selecting a function. Easy Access Taskbar Section (System Tray) gets a new system with which the application can be pinned and uncoupled, and additional graphic improvements will be visible due to integration Focus Assist notification center applications (Notification Center).

Within Start menu presents the possibility of creating folders for applications and customizing the section that serves to accommodate pinned applications where users can arrange them in an additional row or reduce them to increase the “Recommended“Section.

The taskbar regains drag-and-drop support, which actually means that users will be able to drag a file to the icon of an individual application to place it there. This functionality has been part of the taskbar for years, but was not included in the first version of Windows 11.

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Users who will use touch screens will certainly be interested in the change that minimizes the taskbar as soon as Windows detects that the tablet is being used. Access to the taskbar on the tablet is achieved by a short swipe from the bottom of the screen that will reveal pinned applications and the already mentioned System Tray section. This change in the interface gave the applications more space on the tablets.

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Microsoft has also introduced new gestures for touch screen users that will make it easier to access certain parts of Windows. A swipe from the top to the bottom of the screen gives access Start menuand the swipe from the right corner allows you to open “Quick Settings“Menu.

A three-finger swipe in the middle of the screen will minimize your apps, and a three-finger swipe to the left or right means changing the app you’re using.

When it comes to “Settings“Applications, Microsoft has added some new sections with the 22H2 version of Windows. A brand new one has opened Microsoft Account a page where you can get a complete overview of your Microsoft account and get information on, for example, a Microsoft 365 subscription. A new one is also available Family Safety a page where you can get all the information about that security aspect of Windows.

A small change occurred with the Windows update. They can now be timed and will not be installed as soon as they are available, but the installation process will be adjusted to the load of the electrical network in order to make savings.

Other add-ons related to Windows settings include the new ability to edit pinned apps or rows of recommended files within the Start menu and the ability to set Bing’s daily image as your desktop background.

With the 22H2 version, one part of the applications will be updated. Changes will be experienced File Explorer because the so-called “pinned filesSection withinQuick Access“Part when the app opens. Users will be able to attach any file to this section making access immediately available to them. The degree of integration has also increased File Explorer will s OneDriveom and therefore a new drop-down menu is introduced that will show how much storage space is left on the cloud.

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Task Manager (Task Manager) has a completely new interface and a new sidebar for navigation.

The 22H2 version comes with two pre-installed applications: Clipchamp i Family Saftey.

Clipchamp is a new video editing application. Some of its tools are used for free, but for editing videos above 480p you have to pay a monthly fee.

Family Safety is an app that provides quick access to view family-related settings, including your children’s location, upcoming activities in your shared family calendar, and other tools you use to organize households and view family activities. Family Safety is a great app for families using Windows, Xbox and Android devices.

Writes: Ervin Mičetić

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