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Temperature rises are likely to promote air pollution in France. Websites and mobile applications allow you to monitor the air quality near your home.

The warning was published on June 16 by Airparif. Under the effect of the feather of heat which falls on France for a few days, the quality of the air will suffer a decline. ” The air quality will be mainly poor on the north-south axis of the region and degraded on the rest of Île-de-France “, warns the Twitter account, which announces significant levels of ozone.

The summer period is generally conducive to pollution peaks, which can lead the authorities to enact restrictions, for example in Paris and the inner suburbs. It is therefore not uncommon to hear the instruction to ease off the road, to refrain from circulating more polluting vehicles or to alternate cars according to the license plate.

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If the press and the meteorological bulletins make it possible to follow the evolution of the pollution, these bulletins are general observations. For those who want to have a finer view of air quality, including at home, at home, it is necessary to use specific sites and applications or mobilize connected objects, which have their own sensors.

Frandroid offers a selection of the best air quality sensors in 2022. We also know that Google Maps will also start indicating the places where the air is the least degraded. Beyond the sporadic episodes of pollution, favored by the state, the quality of the air in the world remains a public health issue, in cities as in the countryside.

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Created by the Association for monitoring air quality in Île-de-France, the Airparif site makes it possible to monitor the impact of pollution in the Paris region on a daily basis, with French and European indices, in particular for the current day and the next day. The site also disseminates additional, more precise information on its twitter account or his Facebook account.

The home page. // Source: Airparif

Air Quality Now

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The AIR Quality in Europe site provides information on the degree of pollution in the various (large) cities of the European Union. A comparative table is proposed with indicators on road traffic and air quality in the city, recalling the situation of yesterday and showing that of today. However, the site offers a very incomplete panorama of Europe, due to lack of data, but the monitoring of France is the most complete.

Air Quality Now
Comparison between European cities. // Source: CITEAIR


Available on Android and iOS, AirVisual is a mobile app that assigns an overall air quality rating based on where you are. It also anticipates how this rating will evolve over the next few hours, the pollutants in question (carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, suspended particles, etc.) and issues some health recommendations.

Air Quality –  AirVisual
Several information windows. // Source: Air Quality – AirVisual


On the side of connected objects, it is rather the quality of the air inside your home that will be monitored. The French company Netatmo thus offers a dedicated sensor to assess the situation in a particular room via a basic color code. This sensor is also present in the Netatmo weather station. These connected objects are to be linked to your iOS or Android mobile in order to have permanent access to the measurements.

An air quality sensor. // Source: Netatmo


Taking the form of small cubes (two to six depending on the model chosen) that you have at home, this solution called CubeSensors also offers control of the concentration of CO2 and ” to ventilate more intelligently to enjoy the best outdoor air quality. The tool also proposes to check the presence of volatile organic compounds which have a harmful effect on human health.

The CubeSensors homepage. // Source: CubeSensors

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