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We all make mistakes because we are all human. But if you avoid these text errors, your smartphone will surely last longer.

Have you ever wondered how you can extend the life of your smartphone? Let’s start with the common mistakes you may make that damage your device.

It is very likely a smartphone that you always have with you during the day. It wakes you up in the morning, keeps you connected with family and colleagues throughout the day, stores all your precious memories and more.

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With all that, it makes sense that you want to do everything to make your favorite gadget work for as long as possible. To achieve this goal you should start by avoiding some daily habits that shorten the life of your phone. So let’s go in order.

1) Long exposure to high temperatures

Do you leave your smartphone in the car on hot sunny days or cold winter nights? Do you keep your cell phone under your pillow at night while charging it? Do you use apps that consume a lot of energy in direct sunlight while walking outside? With these listed, you are not doing your device any favors. On the contrary – you are very damaging to him.

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In addition to draining the battery faster (and causing the phone to charge more), prolonged exposure to extreme heat can speed up the aging process or cause permanent damage to your device. This is because modern smartphones use lithium-ion batteries that do not work well when exposed to extreme temperatures.

With this in mind, it is best to avoid using the device in direct sunlight or any other environment with extremely high temperatures. If you notice that your smartphone heats up while you are using it, let it cool down a bit before you continue using it.

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2) Use the wrong charger

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You may think that all chargers are the same and that as long as the cable connector fits into your phone it will work quite well. Yes, such a charger will probably charge your phone, but it may not do as effectively as the charger that came with your device. Moreover, an incompatible charger may shorten the life of your battery or even damage the charging port of your phone.

Not all chargers deliver the same amount of power, and some are just better quality than others. However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the original charger of your device. You can buy chargers from reputable brands and check if they are safe to use.

Just make sure they are certified by the manufacturer and have the correct output for your device. For example, if you use an iPhone, you can get accessories from Apple MFi-certified manufacturers. A similar thing is for Android devices.

3) Download and use malicious applications

You may be tempted to look for other sources when you can’t find an app in the Play Store or App Store. However, downloading applications from unofficial sources or third-party application stores may put you at risk of exposing your device to malware.

Malicious applications can infect your device with viruses and spyware that can steal your personal information, passwords, and even bank card information. Moreover, they can give hackers access to the camera and microphone of your device.

Therefore, it is safer to download apps from official stores (App Store, Google Play) because they have a relatively good app verification process to prevent malicious apps from appearing on their lists, giving you a better chance of avoiding them. Yes, this app verification process isn’t perfect, but it needs to be trusted because we don’t have a better one right now.

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4) Manually “kill” applications in the background

Do you often close all applications running in the background on your phone to improve the performance of your phone? It’s not really necessary and can sometimes do more harm than good.

We’re sure there are some among you who believe that a few apps running in the background when you’re not actively using them can slow down your device. However, most modern smartphones are designed to handle such workloads, keeping them in a state of low consumption until needed.

Sometimes, it’s better to leave them running in the background than forcibly shutting them down because your phone uses less power to switch from the active app to the background app, allowing you to resume faster from where you left off and put less strain on your device.

On the other hand, your smartphone needs more power to restart an app from scratch than to resume it from a low power state.

5) Ignore updates

You may sometimes be annoyed by annoying notifications telling you that a new software update is available for your phone or for certain applications. However, these are necessary notifications that will help your device run smoothly and safely. And always with the latest software.

In general, OS and application updates don’t just focus on improving the user experience, or adding new features, but often include security patches that address newly discovered vulnerabilities. If you ignore them, you are essentially exposing your phone to malware attacks.

In addition, updates often fix errors that can cause a malfunction of the phone or slow operation (read: various bugs). Therefore, the next time you receive a notification about the possibility of upgrading the OS or new versions of applications, be sure to download them and install the update as soon as possible.

6) Use public Wi-Fi

Even more tempting than ignoring software updates is using free and public Wi-Fi whenever you visit your favorite coffee shop. Or some new cafe you haven’t been to before. However, this benefit comes with certain risks.

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Public Wi-Fi networks are insecure because they are often unencrypted or have poor security measures. This makes it easier for various hackers (op. Cit. If we can call them that) to steal personal information such as passwords and bank details if you connect to one of the networks in question.

If you need to use public Wi-Fi, connect only to password-protected and encrypted networks. You should also refrain from visiting sensitive websites that could compromise your device and personal information, such as Internet banking services and any website where you need to enter information such as username, password…

Ideally, when using public Wi-Fi, you also use a VPN service to keep your data encrypted and thus add another layer of protection over your data.

7) Bad charging habits

Although the capacity of your battery will decrease over time, some bad charging habits can speed up this process.

For example, allowing a battery to be completely discharged or fully charged to 100% is not ideal for its long-term health and longevity. This is because your battery has a limited number of charge cycles, and repeating this process over time reduces its efficiency.

Ideally, try to keep your phone charged between 25 and 80 percent, as you will use fewer charging cycles and extend battery life.

In addition, your phone usually heats up while charging, which is somewhat fine. However, if it gets too hot, it can cause permanent damage to the battery. Therefore, try charging the phone in a cool or well-ventilated place and avoid placing it under a pillow or in direct sunlight.

Writes: Boris Plavljanić

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