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The first phone from the marketing-carefully built Nothing brand has long been eagerly awaited. The first prototypes came to the public and to the Internet – some crossed their eyes, others dazzled, but we can’t help but remember the story of the Emperor’s new dress.

Carl Pei, who co-founded the successful OnePlus brand, apparently fell into his own trap. Naming the brand “Nothing” is “crazy” that comes up during every more relaxed “brainstorming”, but here it came to an end. Someone just says Nothing, the journalists then write articles about Nothing, the people below them are also enthusiastically discussing Nothing, the wave of Nothing is spreading on social networks, until it makes everyone vote for the emptiness of current marketing.

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It scares me a little that a focused marketing effort can make the same waves (hype) that a new iPhone, for example, can handle it, even though it’s been pretty bad about the last few years – but that’s a different story. Rather, it is interesting that we all know a similar story for a long time. This is not sci-fi, as is usual in the world of modern technology, but an ordinary fairy tale of the Emperor’s new dress. Children usually smirk at the thought of being an adult naked in a room full of other people. But when you think about it more deeply, it is an interesting allegory of the “herd” of the human mind, its submissiveness to the majority opinion of others and authorities.

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As a result, Carl Pei managed to drive the industry crazy. This was beautiful to see, for example, this April, when in many iterations there was a joke that Nothing made for itself. That is, another Nothing that the world had never seen. But it won’t last forever. Repeating the joke with the transparency of the jacket, as it came out with the headphones, probably wouldn’t work. Especially when there was something similar, for example in the form of HTC U12 +. The launcher of the phone published in advance also did not convince that it should be something revolutionary.

Finally, the first prototypes became among the relentless youtubers, so we don’t have to wait for the official revelation and the disappointment to go right now. All the surprise is hidden on the back, where there are 900 diodes. They can report a missed event, charging, battery status or just flash to the beat of the music. Basically the same as tons of all sorts of accessories, which can be described as gaming and sold at an even higher price. With mice or keyboards, it doesn’t surprise anyone, but such a router is something.

Alcatel A5 LED
Everything was already here …
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Someone may be stunned by the flashing lights and won’t know if they should look at the screen or the back of the phone first. However, witnesses are beginning to suspect that this idea is not nearly as original as everyone seems. Five years ago, he tried to dazzle the Alcatel A5 LED with a similar approach, and as you can read in our review, the possibilities of its back cover studded with LED were remarkably similar to what is now going on the market with a big “hello”.

In short, the emperor is still naked. Nothing is just really sometimes, and even LEDs don’t make you see it in a different light.

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