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The German Minister of Finance has been resistant to the passage of 100% electric in 2035 within the European Union. The person concerned will even seek to oppose it during the final phase of adoption at the European Council.

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The thermal ban in 2035 in the European Union is a bad choice“. The position of Christian Lindner, German Finance Minister and chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, is relatively clear. For him, “Germany will not agree to ban combustion engines» at the said deadline.

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As a reminder, the European Parliament recently voted for the end of new thermal vehicles from 2035, in order to reduce the CO2 emissions emitted by new cars by 100%. However, some politicians are unfavorable to this historic decision, which is nevertheless necessary for the planet.

Diverging positions

Christian Lindner will therefore seek to turn the situation around, despite a margin of maneuver that could be considered low. First, the interested party obviously does not have the same ecological positions as the rest of the German government: Mr. Lindner, for example, wanted the life of three nuclear power stations to be extended.

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Opposite, the government across the Rhine has clearly rejected this proposal to better focus on coal-fired power plants. Also, the executive has shown itself to be clearly in favor of stopping thermal power in 2035, as we are reminded by theFinancial Times.

According to the words of Steffi Lemke, spokesperson for the Ministry of the Environment, the German government fully supports the transition to 100% electric according to the timetable proposed by the European authorities. In short, Christian Lindner seems to be somewhat isolated when it comes to his ecological positions.

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Tentative d’influence

As Reuters points out, a final phase of discussion will soon take place with all the members of the European Union. This is the European Council, which will act by qualified majority – and not by unanimity – the new text. Each nation is represented by its head of state or government, namely Chancellor Olaf Scholz for Germany.

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Olaf Scholz is on the side of the Social Democratic Party, a political side not always in line with the Liberal Democratic Party… precisely represented by Christian Lindner. The latter can always try to influence other countries of the Council or embark on a campaign of negotiations with lobbyists, to achieve his ends or make binding changes. One thinks in particular of the Ferrari amendment, carried in majority by Italian lobbyists.

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