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Why is the iPhone actually called the iPhone? What does the lowercase letter “i” really stand for? Anyone who thinks they know it so far may be wrong, because the whole truth has now almost been forgotten. GIGA explains.


Actually, the thing is clear, with the first iMac in 1998 Apple’s world-famous nomenclature began – iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad. actually right, But what did the little “i” stand for in the knobbly all-in-one?

Interesting: The “i” in iPhone does not only stand for “Internet”

One or the other Apple user thinks they know the answer and at the same time calls out: Internet! Correctly. The worldwide web was just about to take off and the iMac was the ideal launchpad. However, the question has not yet been fully answered. What was forgotten, the small “i” had other meanings.

When presenting the first iMac, Steve Jobs reveals the numerous meanings of the small “i” – one had almost forgotten it again (Image source: Apple)
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Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and longtime CEO, revealed the meaning of the small letter when presenting the iMac. So you could read the following, other terms in English: individual, instruct, inform, inspire. Roughly speaking in German: individual, instruct, inform, inspire. The iMac was initially intended to stand for all of this, later the “i” was adopted without further ado for other products to this day. It became Apple’s unmistakable trademark – to this day.

Who could forget that day in January 2007? in the Video to see the presentation of the very first iPhone – a revolution at the time:

Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone in 2007

The “i” probably doesn’t have a great future anymore

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But in recent years Apple made less and less use of it. For example, there is no iWatch or iTV. Instead, we enjoy the Apple Watch and Apple TV. iTunes has also been more or less buried in the meantime, that’s what Apple Music is for. But the iPhone will probably continue to be called iPhone and not Apple Phone – we are quite sure of that.

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