In recent years, AirPods have regularly been given away when buying new Macs and iPads in the run-up to the start of school and the semester start. That could finally come to an end this year. But what is Apple planning then? What is there instead as a gift for customers from the educational environment?


Apple saves free AirPods

College students, parents of college students, and employees of educational institutions regularly receive gifts from Apple. Provided they buy a new Mac or a qualifying iPad, the second generation AirPods were given free of charge in the run-up to the start of the semester both last year and the year before. But this year’s back-to-school campaign could be differentas Apple insider and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman claims to have learned.

According to his information, the campaign will start on Friday. Instead of new AirPods, qualified buyers could have to settle for gift cards this year (Those: Mark Gurman). We dare to make a guess: The corresponding vouchers certainly do not correspond to the sales value of the cheapest AirPods (129 US dollars), but should be lower. Speculations are currently in the region of $50 (for new iPads) and $100 (for new Macs). Either way, the value of the gift should be less.

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From Friday, Apple will also be delivering the new MacBook Pro (13 inch) with an M2 chip, and the back-to-school campaign will start at the same time:

Not every Mac and iPad qualifies

Good to know: The following Apple devices qualified for the campaign last year:

  • iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air

This ruled out not only the last Intel Mac (Mac Pro), but also the iPad mini and the cheapest iPad. Most likely it will come down to this action limit again this year. The back-to-school campaign will probably start on Friday in the USA and probably also in Canada. In the following weeks, the campaign will also come to us in Europe and also to Asia.