Are you using an older Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5? Are you wondering about an incorrect display of the actual battery capacity? Rescue is in sight for you, because Apple wants to calibrate the smartwatch model via update soon.


watchOS 9 calibrates the battery indicator on the Apple Watch 4 and 5

watchOS 9 is still in development. But now it was a very special function public, which Apple has not mentioned before, but now lists in the package insert of the last pre-release version. Apple writes (translated):

After updating to watchOS 9, your Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5 will recalibrate and then calculate its maximum battery capacity more accurately (source: MacRumors).

In short: Within watchOS 9, Apple integrates a corresponding battery recalibration tool for both smartwatch series mentioned. So if the battery life has been displayed incorrectly so far, the update in autumn will provide the decisive remedy. Important to know: The adjustment takes place automatically with the update to watchOS 9 and is also completed after the installation. So there is neither the need nor the option to start the process manually.

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A first look at Apple’s new system updates:

The function is new for Apple’s Smartwatch, but not for the iPhone. We remember: Last year Apple released a comparable feature with the update to iOS 14.5 at the time. The iPhone 11 was specifically addressed.

Apple Watch Series 3 says goodbye

However, there is no hope for owners of an Apple Watch Series 3. The older smartwatch currently sold by Apple will no longer support watchOS 9 and should probably be phased out by autumn at the latest. Ergo: We can no longer make a purchase recommendation for the classic car for this reason alone. Then it’s better to go straight to the Apple Watch SE or wait until September. In all likelihood, apart from the Apple Watch 8, there will also be a new edition of the SE model.