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Looking to the future, Bend Studio is modernizing its logo.

Shay Casey, Associate Art Director (Branding & UI) at Bend Studioexplains the symbolic and graphic representation of the new logo of the subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment present within PlayStation Studios: “We wanted to develop a new graphic identity that was avant-garde, abstract and minimalist. We had in mind the idea of ​​a simple geometric pattern evoking constant movement and a certain creativity. The kind of logo gamers could easily recognize on the street, without seeing the name of the studio. And which has become synonymous with video games over time, as a famous comma has become for sportswear. With all of this in mind, we chose a design that is resolutely forward-looking, illustrating Bend Studio’s commitment to technical innovation. The letters have been worked to run parallel to the leading edge of the outer triangle while maintaining a non-italic typeface. The waterfall in the center of the logo abstractly evokes the many mountain peaks that punctuate our life in Oregon and define our landscapes. We can also note the slight cut in the I, evoking the chimney of a sawmill and testifying to the logging past of Bend, before the city became a popular destination for the many outdoor activities it offers.

Kevin McAllister, communication manager at Bend Studio, also reveals some new information on the new license under development for the PS5 which could be an action and infiltration game mixing mechanics from Hitman and Metal Gear. Solid: “Our new logo marks the beginning of a new era for Bend Studio. As members of the PlayStation Studios family, we are committed to bringing you exceptional experiences that will live forever in your memories. Today, we are happy to share with you just a little news about our current project. We’re currently working on a new license that incorporates multiplayer and builds on the open world systems of Days Gone, but brings you a whole new world that we’re positively excited to build for you. We can’t wait to reveal more to you when the time comes.

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The Bend Studio Story

  • 1993 – Founded as Blank, Berlyn and Co, the studio develops several puzzle games for the Apple Newton, including Columbo’s Mystery Capers, Dell Crossword Puzzles, Motil and Notion (list-building tool). Christopher Reese, the current head of Bend Studio, joined the team several months later to prepare for the launch of a series of sports games, including Live Action Football. Building on these successes, the company wants to continue its growth and make a name for itself in the world of console games.
  • 1995 – Shortly after renaming Eidetic, the eight-developer studio released its first 3D console game, Bubsy 3D. From a technical point of view, Bubsy 3D was one of the few PS1 games offering high resolution and display distances. It is thanks to this first title that Sony identifies the work of Eidetic
  • 1999 – Released shortly after Metal Gear Solid, Siphon Filter becomes one of the benchmarks for stealth. If Bend Studio is known for its third-person action games, it’s thanks to Siphon Filter
  • 2000 to 2007 – After the success of Siphon Filter, Sony acquires Eidetic and becomes Bend Studio at the same time. In seven years, Bend Studio is developing six more titles in the Siphon Filter franchise for three different PlayStation consoles
  • 2009 – For the first time in ten years, Bend Studio deviates from the universe of the Siphon Filter series with Resistance Retribution on PSP. This opus features a new protagonist, James Grayson, and allows newcomers to discover the franchise from a different angle.
  • 2012 – Development of Uncharted Golden Abyss allows the studio to show off the capabilities of PS Vita from its earliest days
  • 2019 – Days Gone becomes Bend Studio’s second original franchise after Siphon Filter. A new challenge with the creation of a dynamic open world combining many different systems on PS4
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