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Markus Haas, CEO of O2 Telefónica, on dead spots that will soon disappear, democratic values ​​and digital networking.

Small talk – the somewhat different interview. Managers and experts often have their say in trade journals, also in com! professional. Most of the time it is strictly about work. This interview, however, is something special. com! professional asks business leaders and IT executives not only about their professional experiences, but also about aspects of a personal nature and private preferences.

In this issue, Markus Haas, CEO of the telecommunications group O2 Telefónica, answers questions from the editors.

com! professional: For you as a mobile operator, the past two years have been a pandemic…

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Mark Haas: … a very clear sign of the social and economic importance of powerful and stable network infrastructures. The amount of data transported through our network broke all records –
This shows very well how important networking is in all situations.

com! professional: Close the last dead spots in Germany…

Haas: … at full speed until 2024. Our 4G network already covers 99 percent of the population, our 5G network will be available nationwide in 2025.

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We also address gaps in the supply in close cooperation with our competitors, so that everyone can find a high-performance network everywhere as quickly as possible.

com! professional: 5G will change the mobile world…

Haas: … and dramatically change the way and for what people and the economy use networks. With gigaspeeds, growing network capacities and low latencies, completely new fields of application are emerging in private and business life.

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com! professional: You start the day …

Haas: … whenever possible with a breakfast together with the family.

com! professional: home office or office?

Haas: As well as. At O2 Telefónica, we live and breathe hybrid working – that means the mix of home office and office. I am currently pleased that we can once again facilitate many encounters in the office.

com! professional: Do you prefer to go to work by car or public transport?

Haas: I am happy about the sustainability of my e-car.

com! professional: What is the first thing you do in the office?

Haas: If the weather and the time until the first appointment allow, cast your eyes over beautiful Munich towards the Alps and define the goals for the coming day.

com! professional: What kind of music do you prefer to work to?

Haas: „The Work Song“ von Oscar Petersen.

com! professional: Is your working motto?

Haas: „Never give up!“

com! professional: Which social networks are you on?

Haas: Mainly on the LinkedIn business network.

com! professional: Which famous person would you like to talk to?

Haas: I would have liked to have spoken to Albert Einstein.

com! professional: Your role model is …

Haas: … everyone who stands up for democratic values ​​every day.

com! professional: The last thing that amazed you was …

Haas: … how quickly the EU found unity again in the crisis.

com! professional: Your tip for a break?

Haas: A relaxed hike in the mountains.

com! professional: Which book did you read last?

Haas: “Stolen Focus” by Johann Hari.

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com! professional: You are fascinated by IT…

Haas: … how digital solutions are constantly evolving life and business and relieving us of many routine tasks.

com! professional: What is your favorite gadget?

Haas: my smart phone It is the central communication tool and digital helper.

com! professional: What was your first career choice?

Haas: cyclist.

com! professional: If you weren’t working in your current industry, which job would you consider?

Haas: Investor.

com! professional: Your greatest virtue is …

Haas: … Confidence.

com! professional: Your biggest vice is …

Haas: … enjoy your meal.

com! professional: You have three wishes – they are …

Haas: … health, peace, happiness.

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