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CarPlay was shown and revamped rather casually during yesterday’s keynote. That it is a prospect of a revolution was lost.

Anyone who understands CarPlay only as Apple’s version of the modern car radio has had to rethink since yesterday. Apple showed pictures of how the future of the car is imagined in Cupertino. The fact that a veritable revolution is being planned here has so far sunk in media coverage. You can read about the car operating system from time to time, but mostly only with regard to the displays installed in the interior.

CarPlay is the Apple Car

So far, for many, the Apple Car the elephant in the room. Again and again leakers speculated when, with which partner and which design the Apple Car will appear. If you take a closer look, Apple is -probably- not interested in its own Apple Car. You want control over as many modern cars as possible. And the best way to do that is with software.

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From the end of 2023, the first cars with the completely renewed CarPlay should be delivered. An analysis of the keynote shows how deeply Apple’s software solution intervenes in the vehicles of the first partners. Simplified: Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and Co. are demoted to pure hardware manufacturers.

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Of the look ’n feel of cars with the new CarPlay is Apple. This is how every car becomes an Apple Car. From engine control to air conditioning, batteries and driver assistance systems, everything becomes part of Apple’s software and can be controlled and read using it.

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So far, Apple is only talking about this:

With vehicle data, CarPlay seamlessly brings speed, fuel level, temperature and more to the instrument display. Users will be able to personalize their driving experience, … you will be able to see information from weather to music at a glance right on the car’s dashboard. More information on the next generation of CarPlay will follow. Supported vehicles will be announced successively from the end of next year.

Attention car industry

From today’s perspective, it seems difficult to imagine that the German premium brands would submit to Apple’s integration dictate. It is quite possible that CarPlay can only display vehicle data in the first step. The previously known eleven car brands will not be the last. There will be manufacturers who see cost advantages in Apple taking over the software development for their cars.


In the second step, this will lead to customers perceiving Apple’s software as a quality concept and Carplay in -let’s call it- full expansion expect. This is where the marginalization of the auto industry as we know it threatens. And the German premium brands must not feel unassailable in the medium term. Because the hitherto sleepy e-mobility can be a lesson.

No matter how successful Apple will place its CarPlay platform in the medium term, the announced revolution, the next big Thingwas only revealed casually during the keynote.

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