It’s been almost ten years since parts of the smartphone world were turned upside down. At that time, however, this prank did not succeed with the iPhone, but with another cult cell phone. A talented designer is now showing what this classic could look like in a modern guise.


In 2013, the smartphone world looked very different: In addition to iOS and Android, consumers had a third alternative with Windows Phone, power plugs were a natural part of the scope of delivery and the owners of Android smartphones looked at the iPhone with envy. It only came in one size with a tiny 4-inch display, but the aluminum body was super sleek and felt great in the hand. No Android phone could keep up with the iPhone 5 of the time – until the HTC One M7 came along.

HTC One M7 was a milestone

The HTC One M7 was a beauty (Image source: GIGA)

With the One M7, HTC reached a milestone. For the first time, an Android smartphone did not have to hide behind the iPhone in terms of appearance and processing quality. HTC put pressure on the competition, especially Samsung. Until then, the South Koreans almost notoriously stuck to plastic as the housing material for their smartphones and were derided as the manufacturers of “plastic bombers”. As a result, Samsung swung around and also started to use high-quality materials.

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That was almost ten years ago and quite a few look back on the One M7 with nostalgia. And then the question arises: What would a modern take on the HTC classic look like for 2022? Well-known YouTuber Concept Creator has the answer:

HTC sees the future in virtual reality

However, it is doubtful whether the mobile phone legend will really make a comeback. In recent years, HTC has only gone in one direction: down. The former #1 Android smartphone maker plays no role on the smartphone and can only stay afloat thanks to his VR glasses Vive. HTC also sees virtual reality as an opportunity to get back into the mobile world. A Viverse smartphone that is said to be tailored to the Metaverse will be officially unveiled shortly.