Bad surprise for rail customers: Without much notice, Deutsche Bahn has discontinued a helpful feature that has often helped many train passengers out of trouble. One decision is particularly annoying – and will likely continue to cause frustration in the future.

Train travelers help train travelers: That was the idea behind Deutsche Bahn’s online community, in which DB customers have been able to easily exchange information on all topics since 2015. Now she has Deutsche Bahn shut down their lively forum without a word. The previous internet address now redirects to the help pages of the DB. (Quelle: MobiFlip).

Deutsche Bahn shuts down online community

This is twice as bitter for rail customers. Because if you have new problems, you can go to the forum no longer ask for help and they no longer have access to older postswhich were possibly similar to your question and already contained the solution to your problem.

The entries for the DB community are still available in the Google search, but lead to nothing after the click (Image source: Google)
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A current example from Google search (see above) shows that this is likely to continue to cause frustration in the future. In the search, the entries from the DB forum are still online. For example, if you search for “folding bike train” and want to find out whether a folded folding bike counts as hand luggage, the first entry in a Google search is the result of the train community. But when you click on it… nothing happens. You are redirected to the web help pages without knowing why this is happening.

The 9 euro ticket is here:

Greater need for information in times of the 9-euro ticket

In many cases, the DB help pages or the new Deutsche Bahn chatbot will probably know the right answer. But mainly in the case of very individual problems, a human community should be able to provide advice more quickly – especially now that the 9-euro ticket is getting millions of people onto the rails and they have an increased need for information. The most important thing about the 9-euro ticket is also available from GIGA: 9-euro ticket: you need to know that about the cheap monthly pass.

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