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In Cupertino, the city of Apple, there are two stores where you can buy derivative products in the colors of the Californian brand. Numerama visited them and presents you some of these official accessories.

Apple is one of the most popular companies on the planet, but it doesn’t really rely on derivative products to increase its coolness. Unlike brands like Tesla, which sell accessories in-store and on their websites, Apple has never used its Apple Store network to sell “goodies”. It happens to produce some (especially as welcome gifts at each store opening), but it’s really not something Apple is betting on. With two exceptions.

Indeed, there are two Apple Stores in the world in which we find derivative products. Both located in Cupertino, they are aimed at tourists who go to the city of Apple and want to leave with souvenirs.

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Apple Park Visitor Center: the place to visit for Apple fans

If you’re traveling to San Francisco and want to treat yourself to a little tour of Silicon Valley, you should normally find several attractions to do. In addition to a trip to Google or Facebook, we strongly recommend that you go to Apple Park in Cupertino to see the ring in person. If it will not be possible for you to go inside, you can go to the magnificent Visitor Center located right next door. This ultra-modern building offers a cafeteria (with cream in the shape of the Apple logo), an Apple Store, an augmented reality campus tour and a large sunny terrace. It’s the only public place in Apple Park. You can stay there for several hours and have lunch there.

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Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 19.35.51
Some of the patterns offered at Apple Park. // Source: Numerama

The particularity of the Visitor Center is that it offers a selection of products that cannot be found elsewhere. T-shirts, bodysuits for babies, bags, caps… Apple offers several accessories with different patterns, which highlight its logo, products or more artistic things (drawings of Apple Park for example). Count 40 dollars for a t-shirt, 25 for a bag. The products are then put in white cardboard boxes worthy of the packaging of other Apple products.

The boxes in which the t-shirts are. // Source: Numerama

Infinite Loop: the story of Apple in the spotlight

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A 10-minute drive away, still in Cupertino, is Infinite Loop, Apple’s former headquarters. The buildings at this address are still used by Apple, but most of its major operations have moved to Apple Park. On the other hand, Apple did not close its old store for visitors. The Apple Store in Infinite Loop, much smaller than that of Apple Park, offers plenty of t-shirts, but also notebooks or pens.

At Infinite Loop, the grounds are not the same as at Apple Park. The t-shirts that are marketed there highlight the history of Apple with the famous pirate flag of the Macintosh team, the old logos of the brand or icons representing the graphical interface of the first versions of Mac OS (when it was neither called Mac OS X nor macOS).

Infinite Loop
The store at Infinite Loop, the former headquarters of Apple. // Source: Numerama

All of these products cannot be found online, since Apple really wants to reserve them for people who go to Cupertino. In the past, Apple has also offered caps or sweaters, but there were none when we visited on June 6, for WWDC. It is possible that there are if you go there one day, the presence of hundreds of developers has played on the stocks.

For further

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Source : Numerama

Our other WWDC videos

If you want to know more about behind the scenes of Apple Park, Numerama offers you, since the beginning of the WWDC, several short videos on its social networks. Feel free to follow us on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter to watch and comment on them.

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