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Has the era of piracy come to an end? Are we approaching the moment when all pirated content will be removed from the Internet? How many penalties await distributors of illegal content? How did the Italian and Spanish police start a fierce fight against pirates?

We live in a time when the Internet has become the main distribution channel for almost all types of content. Of course, they are still preserved in many countries illegal piracy habits where content is distributed illegally at a lower price or for free. But it seems that such a practice has come to an end – because the authorities around the world have started a fierce fight against piracy.

Europe has been successfully fighting pirated content for some time, and the established practice of developing countries is now moving to less developed ones. Of course, it seems that criminals distributing illegal content in Croatia will soon be targeted by the authorities. Find out below how Italy has succeeded in its plan to combat piracy and what Spain is doing about it.

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Pirated content is still very popular around the world

When the era of popularizing the Internet began, it was quite common to see thousands and thousands of people illegally downloading various types of audio and video content from the Internet. Thoroughly arranged services for this purpose they made it fairly easy to download content. In those moments, the internet seemed to offer everything for free within easy reach of a few mouse clicks.

But times have changed significantly in the last 20 years or so and we have started to appreciate more the content available online. We have become aware that someone needs to create that content, that someone needs to invest time, money and effort in creating that content. In the developed world today, it is quite normal to pay for content from the internet. But in the less developed, much of the online content is still used illegally.

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In recent years, IPTV channels have become especially popular, allowing you to watch television content for free or for a small fee. Of course, these are illegal services that evade legal frameworks and bring users content beyond the rules and knowledge of content creators. Such practices are very illegal and punishable, but there is no lack of such content. In fact, There is still a lot of pirated content at the moment.

A huge amount of pyrastic content is a thorn in the side of many

Pirated content is a thorn in the side of many participants in the process of creating and distributing content. How could it not be when millions of kunas, euros and dollars are invested in the creation of quality audio and video content illegals distribute this content completely free of charge and beyond all legal rules. Millions invested by large companies are thus not returned to the extent they should be returned – if users pay fairly to enjoy the content.

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Although great strides have been made in recent years in combating the amount of pirated content, the fact is that there is still a great struggle ahead of the authorities. Namely, Hundreds and thousands of new channels and websites are springing up every day in various parts of the world through which illegal content is distributed. We can say that by removing one illegal we get another new illegal and this is actually a fight that has no end in sight at the moment.

Content protection systems are becoming more sophisticated, and copyright practices are gaining in importance. In addition to creators and distributors, content payment situations are becoming more and more aware of end users. People have finally learned that behind the created audio-video content there are teams and companies that have invested huge amounts of money and how the stated content should be paid for due to the effort and time invested. It seems that more and more of the world is turning to fair payment for the content used – which will greatly contribute to the fight against illegal channels and websites.

Fierce fighting and penalties for illegal distributors and users of illegal content

In developed countries, the fight against pirates, ie illegals – began more than 10 years ago. Step by step more and more straps are being tightened around illegal content providers, but the fight will certainly continue for a long time. Namely, there is far too much illegal content and therefore it will take a long time to remove content and infringers from the digital scene.

In recent years, a fierce struggle has begun around the world against illegal distributors, but also end users of content. Pepper fines, which in some cases include prison sentences – they are more and more often pronounced as criminals. Many users of illegal content are not even aware of how they can end up behind bars or with large fines – because they only followed illegal content.

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Severe penalties should deter many attempts to distribute and monitor content illegally. There should be some fear among the people about the illegal distribution of content, which will result in a reduction in the number of violators. While instilling fear is not good, in this case it will prove to be fair practice. Namely, it is very fair that content creators get a fair return on investment and time. Paying for consuming content is fair, just as you pay bakers fairly every day to enjoy bread and pastries.

Italian police created their own IPTV to attract criminals

Italian police are currently largely focused on combating piracy and illegal content. The penalties in Italy for such violators are very severe, and the authorities there take the fight against piracy very seriously. Recent actions by the Italian police very much confirm this, and the tactics used in the fight against piracy are very creative.

In the last operation held a few weeks ago, the Italian police successfully suppressed a part of the pirated distribution of content. In a successful action against piracy more than 500 domains and more than 150 websites were blocked. Also, more than 300 pieces of equipment used for illegal IPTV streaming were seized during the operation. Although it is not yet known what penalties will be imposed on these offenders, it should be noted that some of them could end up behind bars.

It is important to mention that some users of this illegal content can end up behind bars, at best fines of up to 25,000 euros await them. So, even the monitoring of content through illegal channels is not harmless and it is an act that violates the legal framework. Interestingly, the Italian police recently launched its own fake IPTV channel through which they attracted illegal users under their wing. According to available data, they managed to catch as many as 6,500 users who have expressed a desire to subscribe to a fake IPTV channel. Users have been redirected to sites with information about the suppression of illegal content, and what kind of punishment awaits them – is not yet known.

Spanish police suppress illegal broadcasting of matches

The Spanish police also use various creative methods in the process of combating the illegal distribution of content. In the past few years, they have successfully suppressed various chains of illegal distribution of TV content, and one such action has succeeded recently. It seems like in Spain, IPTV channels that broadcast matches illegally are a particular problem Spanish leagues, but also European competitions.

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A few weeks ago, a coordinated action was carried out in Spain with the participation of police from as many as 15 cities. The aim of the action was to suppress illegal IPTV broadcasts of matches in cafes across Spain. During the action, numerous violations of the right to broadcast matches were identified, and in addition to the domestic LaLiga, the focus was also on the UEFA Champions League. According to the first data, it is speculated that the match was broadcast illegally damage in the amount of more than one million euros.

In the said action as many as 166 catering facilities were in dispute suspected of transmitting illegal match content. Electronic equipment used for illegal monitoring of matches was confiscated from catering facilities, and it remains to be determined what fines will be received. Given that the content in the cafes was followed by a large number of people – the penalties could be quite large.


Croatia is also fighting illegal services

Finally, we will mention how it is Croatia has been fighting illegal services for years to monitor audio and video programs. Although the supervision process in Croatia is not as widespread and rigorous as in other European countries, the fact is that in Croatia are caught by the owners of illegal services. Due to the lack of public propaganda about the harmfulness of illegal services, there is still no fear in Croatia of showing illegal content – so many still use it.

It seems that the era in which it will be is getting closer Croatian police to step up surveillance of illegal services, which will result in numerous fines and even going behind bars. For the time being, end users in Croatia have been spared penalties, but it seems that this is coming to an end. All participants in the process of illegal streaming they must be aware that they are committing an offense and that they may be punished for that offense. Therefore, avoid watching illegal content so as not to come into conflict with the police and receive high fines.

By: Marko Županić

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