In the last few days we have received reports of a larger version of the recently introduced MacBook Air. But now everything is different and the new laptop may not be an Air, but it will also not be a Pro. Very confusing. One thing is certain: there has never been a MacBook like this before.


Shortly after the launch of the new MacBook Air 2022, insider and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman brought up a larger version with a 15-inch display. The XL variant should therefore appear in early 2023 and complement the portfolio. But is that really the case? The no less well-informed Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo sheds a whole new light on said Apple laptop.

New big MacBook from Apple: No Air, no Pro

He deliberately avoids calling this model a MacBook Air and suspects that Apple doesn’t want to call the variant “Luftikus” either. Kuo now offers a possible explanation for this. It is supposed to be a version with the M2 chip now presented and a more powerful variant with the previously unreleased M2 Pro give. The first comes with a 35 watt power supply, the last with a more powerful 67 watt charger (source: Ming-Chi Kuo).

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With a 15-inch display, this MacBook should probably no longer be called Air:

MacBook Air 2022: All information about the new Apple notebook

The new MacBook with a 15-inch display would thus combine elements of the Air, but also of a Pro. The correct designation is therefore anything but clear. In any case, there isn’t a MacBook that deliberately positions itself between Air and Pro. Who knows, maybe we’re dealing with a “MacBook Studio”. Even if the chips don’t quite fit so far, Apple also positions the Mac Studio of the same name between the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro. The latter is still waiting for its upgrade with Apple chips.

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Schedule for the new model

According to Kuo, the new MacBook with a 15-inch display should then to be presented in the second quarter of 2023. However, this date could also be postponed. The expert is less confident about the release date than Mark Gurman was recently. Speaking of which, he also mentioned a new 12-inch MacBook. But Kuo hasn’t heard anything about it yet. In this respect, skepticism is appropriate and you should probably not expect a revival of this very compact case category.