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We know that Meta is in competition with TikTok, Mark Zuckerberg’s group has recognized this itself. With this in mind, we learn that Facebook should look more and more like TikTok, with a complete redesign of the application.

Facebook (Meta) // Source : Unsplash Dima Solomin

We know that Facebook is in a bad patch and more generally Meta with a drop in the number of recruitments. The social network is losing momentum in terms of the number of users and its audience is aging, which is never a good sign. In an internal memo retrieved by The Verge from Tom Alison, who runs the Facebook application within Meta, we learn that his teams are working on a major overhaul of the application’s main flow.

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The main goal is to strengthen the Reels that arrived a few months ago on Facebook, with a view to competing with TikTok. Group executives are concerned they aren’t doing enough with Reels on Facebook, which is doing very well on Instagram. Tom Alison does not hide and believes that ” it’s basically a race to see if Facebook can become like TikTok before TikTok doesn’t become like Facebook anymore ».

A redesign that draws heavily from TikTok

In this internal memo, we learn that Facebook would focus on recommended content, namely content posted by pages or influencers that you do not follow. Tom Alison indicates that he wants to transform Facebook into a ” discovery engine“, like the thread ” For youthat can be found on TikTok. Content called ” not connected will be highlighted, with the Reels at the head of the gondola, which will reduce the number of posts displayed by friends.

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The future version of Facebook’s mobile app could be based on a main tab that will mix stories and Reels, as well as recommended posts based on Facebook and Instagram. We should see more videos (even more than today, yes). Facebook and Instagram should see their operations closer: currently Facebook offers 11% of content ” not connected “, which should change.

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Enough to seduce influencers who should be able to more easily acquire subscribers, which TikTok has allowed for many, by being discovered more quickly.

The Reels on Facebook // Source: Facebook

In the future, Facebook wants to encourage users to share more of the content they view, such as what is done on Instagram or TikTok today. In an interview forThe Verge Tom Alison had recognized that Meta was too slow to see the surging TikTok impose itself as a major competitor.

The ByteDance application seems to have settled in for a few years and seems to want to retain its users, with the integration of private messaging as well as a video thread of people we follow. A “format socialaccording to Alison, a dimension he hadn’t anticipated. If Facebook is behind, Instagram seems to be doing well, since in the last quarter of 2021, Instagram was the most downloaded application in the world, ahead of TikTok.

The problem with Facebook recommendations

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As notedEndgadget« this move towards more recommendations could also pose a problem for the company“. Facebook’s recommendation algorithms are regularly accused of supporting a Manichean vision of the world, of favoring the bipolarity of opinions, but also of promoting misinformation. In her note, Alison talks about it and announces that she wants to change the way Facebook tries to reduce these “negative experiences– which are however profitable to him.

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Moreover, Facebook has been supplemented by a series of several tabs: Watch, News, Threads, etc., in addition to the notifications which are multiplying. Alison makes no secret of it by wishing that Facebook would become a “a cleaner, easier-to-use experienceand makes it clear that the app has a lot going for it.

Facebook employees who are puzzled

In reaction to this message published internally, several employees were suspicious of the idea of ​​copying TikTok. For them, this would mean distancing themselves from the original mission of Facebook, but also erasing what makes Facebook different today compared to other social networks. According to them, this would only make it attractive in the short term. Also, management would not take into account a long-term vision of Facebook. A product manager writes that “over time, users realize that the time spent is not of quality“, referring to TikTok.

Source: Unsplash – Solen Feyissa

Alison tempers by saying she wants “always prioritize the things you want to share with your friends» and declares not wanting to set too many limits for the moment. Several things should not change, but others yes.The Vergereports that Facebook teams “are working on a redesign that moves Groups, or what employees internally now call Communities, to an accessible panel on the left of News Feed, similar to how Discord displays a list of servers you’ve joined“. Facebook groups that can now be found in the same place in the shortcuts, on the versiondesktopof the social network.

From a more global point of view,The Vergenote that “theInvestors doubt Meta’s ability to meet the challenges of its advertising business“. Also, last February Facebook announced for the first time that it was losing users, which led to a nearly 23% drop in Meta’s stock market share. An action that has not risen to its previous level, far from it. However, it will be a necessity for the giant if he wants to develop his metaverse.

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