Mobile game sales are huge. Last year alone, more than 2.7 billion euros were spent in Germany on games on smartphones and tablets. A lion’s share of this is made up of sales through in-app purchases. In this issue of GIGA Insights you can find out why they are being viewed critically and what else happened this week.

The topics of the week:

Consumer protection vs. in-app purchases

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At an event, Hamburg’s consumer protection senator Anna Galina spoke out in favor of more protective measures against in-app purchases. Game apps represent a large cost trap from which children and young people in particular should be protected. In the video we explain how she wants to achieve this.

Netflix wants Formula 1 rights

According to some media reports, Netflix is ​​interested in securing the live broadcasting rights for Formula 1. That’s no coincidence: Formula 1 has experienced a real boom in popularity in Netflix’s home country – the USA – in recent years, and the documentary series “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” has also had some success. The licenses will be renegotiated in 2024, then some races might also be available from the streaming provider.

Microsoft is officially ending Internet Explorer support

In the mid-2000s, nothing got past it on the way to the Internet: Microsoft Internet Explorer. Superseded by Microsoft Edge, support for IE has finally been discontinued.

Share Factory Studio: New sharing feature for PS5 users

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With a new function, there should be more options for editing videos on the console. Bits is the name of the feature with which videos can be embellished, especially with stickers for social media channels. PS5 owners can already check out the new feature for free.

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All topics are covered in detail in the video above.

More GIGA insights:

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