An iPhone for little money: Aldi Nord will fulfill this wish from Thursday. The discounter offers a current model for less than 300 euros. On top of that there is also a starter set from Aldi Talk with a starting credit of 10 euros. GIGA explains for whom the offer is worthwhile.

Previously unimaginable, now commonplace: iPhones at Aldi. The well-known discounter offers the cult cell phone from Apple at regular intervals. As a rule, however, these are outdated models that are already close to the end of their lives. The current offer from Aldi Nord is different.

iPhone SE (2020) for 299 euros at Aldi Nord

Aldi Nord has the iPhone SE (2020) for less than 300 euros (Image source: Aldi Nord)

From next Thursday (June 30th) offers Aldi Nord offers the iPhone SE 2020 for only 299 euros. The iPhone SE (2020) is only two years old, Apple launched the new edition of the affordable SE series in spring 2020.

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The hardware inside is correspondingly up-to-date: the powerful A13 chip and 3 GB RAM ensure fast performance, the iPhone SE (2020) masters even complex 3D games effortlessly. Come in addition Apple announces longer software supportwhich should continue for several years with this model. Buyers, on the other hand, have to make compromises when it comes to designwhich seems a bit outdated with the home button and wide screen edges.

Our test of the iPhone SE 2020 provides information about all other advantages and disadvantages:

Aldi sells used goods

Important to know: Aldi Nord sells the iPhone SE (2020) as “refurbished”, which is understood by that overhauled and refurbished used equipment. Most of them are returns, exhibits or something similar. The devices are cleaned, checked for functionality and are usually in good condition. You should know that before you buy.

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The iPhone SE (2020) at a price of 299 euros will only be available in Aldi Nord branches from June 30, 2022. The scope of delivery also includes a starter set from Aldi Talk with a starting credit of 10 euros.