Fossil builds some of the most beautiful Android smartwatches on the market. The Gen 6 models in particular were convincing and the price has now fallen sharply. Since Wear OS 3.0 will soon also be available for these smartwatches, it is worth taking a look at the current offers. You get the best price directly from the manufacturer.

Fossil Gen 6 in price drop

The Fossil Gen 6 was officially presented at the end of August 2021 and cost 299 to 329 euros depending on the version. In the meantime, the price has dropped significantly, so you can buy one of the Android smartwatches much cheaper. At Fossil itself there is the black model with a “recycled PET camouflage green” strap for only 199 euros (see Fossil). If you then sign up for the newsletter (look at Fossil), you can save 15 percent and land effective at 169.15 euros.

If you want a different version, you can take a look at Otto. There are different versions for 220 to 229 euros. If you use the voucher code 11297 there, you can save 20 percent and pay much less accordingly.

What makes the Fossil Gen 6 so interesting?

Fossil Gen 6: Beautiful Android smartwatches

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The Fossil Gen 6 just looks like a regular wristwatch. This is the biggest advantage of the smartwatch. I have the Fossil Gen 6 with the metal strap and it’s perfect for wearing if it can be a little more elegant.

The big disadvantage of the watch so far has been the software. Google struck an exclusive deal with Samsung, which meant only the Galaxy Watch 4 had access to Wear OS 3.0. That will change soon and then the Fossil smartwatch will be really interesting again. As prices continue to fall, this would be a good option if you’re looking for a nice and affordable smartwatch.

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