The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be sold for the first time this year in a Pro version, which will represent the new spearhead in smartwatches. It has already been rumored that the prices of the Pro model are relatively high. Concrete figures have now emerged.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be expensive

Many details about the new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro have been leaked in recent weeks. The smartwatch gets a higher-quality case and a thicker battery, but has to do without the rotating bezel. Since there will no longer be a classic version of the Galaxy Watch 5, many of you are probably wondering what the new top smartwatch will cost? There is now an answer to this question:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is known to only be offered in a 45mm version. You have the choice between a model with Bluetooth for around 490 euros and a model with LTE for around 540 euros. For comparison: The most expensive Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with 46 mm and LTE cost 449 euros. The WiFi version was initially available for 399 euros. Samsung wants for the Pro Smartwatch is almost 100 euros more.

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Even with the normal Galaxy Watch 5 you have to put more money on the table. If the Galaxy Watch 4 cost 269 euros in the smallest version, the new generation is offered for around 300 euros. Both larger versions, the surcharge is around 50 euros. So it is clear that the prices are going up – as with everything at the moment.

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What the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic) offers:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will get cheaper over time

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 but don’t want to pay that much for it, you should just wait a bit. The Galaxy Watch 4 was offered at a much lower price within a few days. the The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46 mm is now available for just over 200 euros (look at MediaMarkt). The fall in prices will definitely come, because fewer and fewer customers are willing to pay the high prices and are simply waiting. This is exactly why Samsung is currently sitting on 50 million unsold smartphones.