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How to beat the Google algorithm and finish in the first places on Google search engine? Can the Google algorithm be defeated at all and what is the most important tactic? Why is creating content for people (users) more important than creating content for Google?

Everyone would like to be the first on Google to search for important terms – but only a few succeed. When they don’t get more concrete visible results on Google search for weeks and months – many are wondering how to beat the Google algorithm?

But experts agree that Google’s algorithm cannot be resolved or defeated. It is an extremely complex algorithm that has undergone numerous upgrades over the past decade. Today, that algorithm practically thinks like humans – so it is extremely important to adapt to it in the right way. Here are some tips:

Web analysis

The Google algorithm cannot be unraveled and mastered

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The Google algorithm is a set of extremely complicated and thoughtful solutions that together form one interesting whole of ranking on the Google search engine. Unlike 20 years ago when Google’s algorithm could be relatively easily figured out, today the situation is completely different. Today, no one understands exactly how the Google algorithm works and on the basis of which it ranks the results. Of course, the reason for this lies in the complexity of the algorithm itself.

Today, the Google algorithm consists of many rules, solutions and combinations – in order to achieve a kind of resistance to the manipulation of results. So Google doesn’t want website and content creators to know how the Google algorithm works because that would lead to big market problems. Therefore, the algorithm is today shrouded in a veil of secrecy that is impossible to unravel and master. But the good news is that Google is not an enemy to be defeated, but an ally by whose rules you get great results in the long run.

Tips On How To Beat Google Algorithm - 6 Tips For Super SEO Results

Google’s algorithm doesn’t need to be won at all

When results don’t arrive for weeks and months, many turn to blaming Google for their failure. But in doing so, they forget that Google has the same rules for everyone and that everyone has the same path to the top of the Google search engine. Some positioning jobs work more regularly and better, while others do the job a little weaker – so the results don’t come quickly either. Therefore, there is no point in blaming Google for slower SEO results because the same rules apply to everyone.

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The slower appearance of the results or the complete absence of results raises a revolt aimed at the idea of ​​”winning the Google algorithm”. Of course, this revolt is completely unfounded and unnecessary because the Google algorithm is not possible and it is not necessary to win. It is enough to be good enough for Google, which will then automatically “give” good positions on Google search engine. It is completely wrong to try to quickly beat the Google algorithm because that algorithm is smart enough today to think as a person, that is, as an expert in positioning. Interestingly, the algorithm is so high quality today that it positions texts on a certain topic without mentioning the key word in the text at all.

How to beat google algorithm - 6 tips for great SEO results

Create quality content for people

Once the Google algorithm thinks and perceives content like people, then content creators should behave in a way that creates content for people. So, it is not necessary to create content for Google (in the first place), but create content for people (users). Google is paying less and less attention to the classic tactics that were once used for positioning (keyword frequency, proper structure, etc.) and today looks at content as a whole. When content is viewed as a whole, it must be educational and useful to the person searching the web search engine – and this must be the basic guideline for creating content.

The fact is that today people are increasingly reacting to visual and video content, so it is not out of the question fill web pages with as much accompanying visual content as possible. Also, it is desirable to divide the text into as many paragraphs as possible that are easy to read – to maintain the attention of users. It is important to emphasize that staying on the page gives Google a clear signal that it is quality content that caught the attention of users. With such content, aimed at customer satisfaction, high positions on Google search engine are almost guaranteed.

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Search the internet

Adhere to basic SEO rules

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The SEO world has changed a lot in the last 10 or more years. Today, the old rules are completely useless in SEO activities and the focus has shifted to completely different postulates. Despite the fact that we have previously stated how it is necessary to create content for a website visitor, the fact is that by adhering to basic SEO rules you help in better and faster positioning.

As for the basic SEO rules, we will list some of the most important actions you can take for better results. Keyword or phrase it is still desirable in the title and within the text. In the title itself, the key phrase should be as close as possible to the beginning of the title, while in the text it should be mentioned at least a few times, especially at the beginning and end of the content. Visual content should have alt tags and it is wise to arrange photos / videos throughout the text – to keep the attention of web visitors. It is also necessary link articles to each other on the website – to give the content a broader context (for both the visitor and Google).

Build a brand reputation in the online and offline world

Building a reputation greatly helps in better positioning the website. For example, Google will certainly not immediately push new pages to the top of search results because it is not yet completely sure how good your content is. But how will your reputation in the online world grow and how will you have as many external links as possible – That’s how Google will understand that it’s about quality content. When your domain and web reputation grows enough, Google will index your subpages much faster – which will lead to faster SEO growth and better positions on Google search engine.

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Inbound links have a particularly important role in gaining an online reputation, ie the so-called backlinks. These are links that lead to your site from other sites on the Internet – for relevant keywords. The more such links from quality websites – the more they are your chances of faster and better positioning are higher. It is worth mentioning that in addition to online reputation, attention should also be focused on offline reputation. By building a brand in the offline world you will get your brand name more often googled which will lead to additional searches directly from Google search engine. All this should help you in positioning.

How to beat google algorithm - 6 tips for SEO

Regularity and persistence of tactics for long-term success

In addition to all the above, Google especially appreciates the regularity of the website, which is a clear indicator that someone is working on this website and that users can always expect fresh content on it. Therefore, regularity and perseverance can be classified as the most important positioning tactics on Google search engine. This is especially important if we look at the bigger picture – in which many very quickly give up on creating new fresh content. Giving up on them with your perseverance is a tactic that will surely bring you great results in the future.

Summarizing everything written, we come to a fairly clear equation in which constant and quality work focused on the top user experience – brings results. It is not so much tactics and adjustments that are important, but perseverance and regularity. The Google algorithm cannot be untangled and defeated, but you can use it as a growth partner. The Google algorithm is not an enemy, but a friend with whom you will work regularly with quality achieve great high positions on Google search engine.

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