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You want to know how to create quality video content who will hire users to share on social media? You wonder if there is one A “recipe” for making videos with millions of views? Can a viral video be planned and what specific steps are needed?

Although there is no official recipe for creating a viral video, there are some the process of making video material that could provide you with a large number of views. Interestingly, a large number of viral videos were made quite by accident – so we can say that we cannot control “virality”.

Below we bring you a “recipe” from 7 steps to make a video that users will be happy to share on social media. If you follow these steps, you should create quality video content that will increase user engagement on your digital channels:

Plan unplanned

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If you want quality video content, you should always have a plan in mind. In particular, you should be ready for action at all times – that is, to record video content. But before shooting, it’s wise to have an overall plan for creating video content.

It is desirable to investigate what kind of video content in your niche is viral, that is, what kind of video material gets the most attention (sharing) from users. After that, consider user reactions to your past video content – so you can figure out what kind of content your followers adore.

When in your head (even better on paper or computer) you have clearly defined items of video content that you want (and need) to create – things are much easier and better. Namely, now you will know exactly at what point you need to turn on the camera and what kind of shots are worth taking. Sometimes the best shots come spontaneouslybut still someone had to plan to turn on the camera and shoot.

Tell the story and show your emotions

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Video must evoke emotion for the person watching that video – either positive or negative. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of emotion is evoked by the video, but it is important that the emotion be extremely expressed. The video in which a person can emotionally connect with the main actor (or actors) could go viral.

People want to hear stories so it’s up to you to tell them. Through stories, users find it easier to find a link to you, or people who appear in videos. The story especially comes to the fore if it is unique and if has some details that will be easy for viewers to “remember”.

It is advisable to always insert a trigger in the video that will either stimulate emotions or firmly engrave a detail in the viewer’s memory. This increases the possibility for a person to talk about this video content, or to share it on social networks.

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Dominate in the first seconds of the video

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The first seconds of the video are paramount to his success in the digital world. The attention of users on digital channels is miserably small and if you do not interest them in the first few seconds to continue watching – you have lost the viewer. So, the first few seconds of the video must be fantastic.

If you need to place your story in some context, it is natural that your video will last a bit longer. But it turned out how virality is achieved by videos that are shorter and which immediately puts the user at the center of the main action. If you have to tell the whole story, make sure the viewer finds out in the first few seconds – which will be important in the rest of the video.

In the first few seconds you can show key video details or guide the user to the action that will take place. Let those first seconds be “juicy” and make the viewer watch the whole video to the end. Do not forget, the viewer’s attention is extremely brief – Use it wisely.

Be guided by content, not resolution

Many new vloggers who are just starting out in the world of video content creation pay a lot of attention to quality video recording. Honestly, resolution and recording quality are important – but they are by no means crucial to the success of a video. So, pay more attention to the content you create, and let the resolution be as it is available to you at the moment.

Sometimes you will take fantastic shots quite by accident (with a weak) smartphone, but they will go viral because of their story and emotions. It is always wise to carry a camera in your pocket (smartphone, sports camera) that has the ability to record 1080p or higher. Quiet 1080p has become the standard in recent years and it is desirable to record video materials in that resolution. In addition to the fact that a large number of devices support 1080p resolution, such video materials are easier to process and save (unlike 4K).

Either way, follow logic – the story is more important than the resolution. You can take pictures with different devices, cameras, smartphones, etc. It is important that in the ending all that you incorporate the recorded content into a quality, attractive and emotionally active story – which will encourage the viewer to react.

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Design creative titles

Some digital channels require you to be creative even before the user clicks the play button. For example, the world’s most popular video platform, YouTube, does not automatically play video content (although there is this option in some situations). It means that you need to entice the user to click on your title or thumbnail – to open and view the first few seconds of the video.

Titles that describe video content need to be creative and engaging. For example, the title “How to lose 5 pounds in 4 weeks (honest advice)” is better than the title “How I lost pounds”. When creating a title, always think in a way – what my viewer is looking for and what is his motivation to watch my video. Realistically, users are not interested in who you are and what you offer, but they are interested in what their benefit will be if they watch your video.

In addition to creating titles that describe the video, it is desirable to write and subtitles with video. Namely, today we watch video content everywhere and on various devices – so sometimes we can’t turn up the volume. Adding subtitles to videos is a great solution – and we recommend that you make it possible for people on your digital channels.

Publish video on multiple platforms

More platforms – more options. We live in a time when users average more than 30 apps a month on their smartphones. Many of these applications are actually social networks – on which it is one of the more dominant contents is video. If you want to open the opportunity for video virality – publish it on multiple digital channels.

As for posting the video itself – you should on each platform video publish separately. Facebook doesn’t like it when you share links on their social network that lead users to YouTube. Therefore, you need to post content separately on both YouTube and Facebook.

YouTube is dominant in the market and it publishes slightly longer content (over 10 minutes) if you want to achieve good results. Facebook she loves slightly shorter videos, and so does she Instagramom. TikTok is a relatively new social network dedicated to creating creative videos – and there they are can currently achieve a great number of views. Of course, there are many other channels – among which it is still worth mentioning Snapchat i LinkedIn.

Learn if virality works

It is difficult to say whether or not a video will go viral, but understanding the process of achieving virality is somewhat simpler. So when a new video comes out on digital channels, reaches a certain number of audiences – that responds or does not respond to video. If the reactions are good and users start sharing that content – the process of virality begins.

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If we were to look at the virality of video through a curve – mostly everything happens within 10 days or so. The first day is crucial in terms of whether the video will go viral. On the first day, the video gets (or doesn’t get) the initial momentum. If the initial momentum is achieved on the first day, then on the second day mass divisions begin, which are their own they reach maximum range on the third and fourth day. This is mostly followed by a period of decline in which people share less and less video. Ultimately, the video “dies” after about 10 days, ie people no longer share it on digital channels.

Another “route” for creating quality video is – focusing on evergreen content. In particular, you can decide to create educational and interesting content – which will be valid for a year, two, three. It may not be possible to achieve virality here as in “bombastic videos”, but a flatter curve is obtained which engages users for a month (or more) from the publication of the video.

Use virality wisely

Creating and publishing video content must have a goal. For example, you need to invite users to action, you need to offer them some new videos, you need to encourage them to start following you, and so on. A lot of viral videos just fail – those actors and creators of that viral content in the finale have no benefit from the popularity of the video material.

Digital experts throughout the entire video creation process they approach in a more complete and meaningful way. They have it in their head clear goals they want to achieve by publishing video material – and every new video released should guide them at least one step towards achieving their goals. If they’re lucky, a video goes viral – take a few big steps at once towards achieving the goal.

When posting a video, keep in mind – what you want to achieve with this video. Once you publish a video – many things are hard to fix. Therefore, the goal must be predetermined – whether it is about increasing the number of followers, growing business, encouraging purchases or something like ten. Be smart, create creative and interesting – good luck!

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