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A big presentation of new and at the beginning we must emphasize, very interesting devices, was organized by Huawei in Turkey in the Volkswagen Arena in the center of Istanbul a few days ago, and we had the privilege to participate and experience it first hand.

Despite all possible sanctions, the technology giant does not give up and the lack of Google services is compensated by many very interesting software innovations, but also by the development of the hardware itself, where certain devices in a few aspects particularly intrigued us. This time, in front of approximately 1000 journalists from all over Europe, he showed a couple of new models of laptops, smartphones, headphones, tablets, but also the symbiosis of these devices, which is at an ever higher level from year to year.

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They also boasted of many business successes and that despite the sanctions, due to which the sales of the devices dropped drastically compared to the period before them, they are now on the rise again.

The whole event started of course with the new Huawei Mate XS2 model as the crown of their technological progress in the folding segment of smartphones. So Huawei currently offers as many as three different concepts, the last of which was the P50 Pocket, which we recently tested. The Mate XS2 is a larger smartphone, and is also the successor to their first folding Mate XS, best known for its design where the entire screen envelops it.

And although we’ve pointed out several times that we preferred the Mate X2 model concept, and that’s the one where the smaller screen is on the outside and the bigger one on the inside, Huawei has managed to shake that belief with this new model.

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It is simply amazing how well the screen itself is executed and how much technological progress is visible and tangible in just two years since the first model was introduced. What’s most striking is that the crease on the screen is so hard to see that a few reporters and I tried to find it once it was unfolded. Probably the fact that we were looking for it right in the middle helped to hide it, but the back of the screen is still a bit smaller due to the part reserved for the camera, so that fold is slightly shifted to the left once you unfold it.

They demonstrated to us graphically and in what way they drastically managed to raise the resistance to screen breakage by comparing it on the example of a car and a crumple zone starting from the bumper all the way to the cabin.

And the feel under your fingers, touching the screen, is so good that it’s hard to believe it’s a folding screen. I would venture to say that it feels better even than on many protective foils on the screen and is extremely close to the normal glass that covers classic smartphones. And the fold itself is almost flattened to zero, which is to say, and now the only question is whether it will succeed this year or only next year, so flattened that there will be no theoretical chance that it will be felt under the fingers. This was mostly made possible by the new special design of the folding hinges.

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He praised Huawei and the cameras of this smartphone, emphasizing that they are “flagship grade” and this is probably true considering the competitive smartphones on the market. In any case, we are looking forward to trying it, although only a few will be able to afford it due to the recommended extremely high price of € 2,000 for the European market. Hand on heart, we expected a couple of hundred euros lower price from the thinnest folding smartphone, but we’ll talk more about that when it arrives for the test.

Next was a new series of smartphones where the epithet new is also the name of the series. These are two more affordable smartphones with which Huawei is again targeting those who do not want to spend a large amount of money on smartphones, but also want to have a smartphone that looks nice. With Huawei’s distinctive colors already adorned with some new models we’ve tried, we have to admit they look really good for their range. The cheaper new Y70 will cost around € 199, and the Y90, which looks reminiscent of the Mate series, and mostly with the design of the cameras on the back, should be around € 269. The most interesting detail are certainly the batteries that bring a capacity of 6000 mAh in the Y70 and 5000 mAh in the Y90 model.

What followed was the story of two new Huawei Matebook notebooks and we’re not sure which intrigued us more. The first was of course the more powerful Matebook 16s which premieres Intel’s new twelfth generation i9H processor. Huawei pointed out that this is the first laptop with this processor on the market because it supposedly comes with a fantastic cooling system that we believe is desperately needed for such a powerful processor. We will hopefully be convinced of that, because as things stand, there is little chance that it will reach our market. But if he manages to come to the EU at least, you will probably be able to afford it.

It comes with a 16 3 3: 2 aspect ratio screen, which is almost the same height as the 19 16 16: 9 aspect ratio screen! In short, all those who use laptops more for work and less for enjoying video content, in a relatively small and compact case will get places to work almost as in office conditions. I have already pointed out several times that I am delighted with this aspect ratio because it is ideal for processing videos, photos, but also writing texts, reading web pages or for programming.

When it comes to video calls, both the 16s and the new D16 come with FullHD webcams that even have artificial intelligence that can track you if you walk in front of a laptop camera and explain something. A set of several microphones that are able to isolate you from the surrounding noise, but also capture your speech at a distance of as much as 5 meters, we have already experienced to some extent on previous models.

The 16s also has an almost perfect image display with delta E less than 1, 100% SRGB coverage and a dozen other certificates that we will only discover over time. Those who know what we are talking about and how good this is, are probably already adding up and how they will invent € 1700 for that entry-level model with the i7.

The Matebook D16 is more affordable and will cost you € 899 for the entry-level model, and unlike the 16s it has a 16:10 aspect ratio. Still more than the standard 16: 9 and definitely better to work with than that, but again somewhat more suited to those who prefer to enjoy the video content a bit more.
It also has a numpad keyboard due to slightly differently arranged speakers unlike the 16s model, and as far as we could tell by the presentation, the fact that the screen is not a 3: 2 aspect ratio does not mean that you will lose on display quality with a different aspect ratio. So it should have an almost perfect display just like the 16s model, which will definitely attract many especially for such a price.

To the delight of most journalists, including the author of this text, Huawei also introduced a 10.3 ”e-ink tablet, which is of course a device primarily intended for reading books, with one serious addition – a pen.
It is what sets it apart from many other devices of this type, because you will be able to take notes by reading books. It is very thin and weighs only 360 grams, so it will not be a problem to take it with you in your bag on the road.

They say that the battery for a classic way of use is enough for about 6 days, and that you can get an additional 2 hours of reading on the charger in just 5 minutes. In addition, in standby mode it will last up to 4 weeks, making it ideal for travel as well. We weren’t able to find out how much reading it is per day, but we will try all this and let you know how it is very quickly because it has already arrived for the test.

A new generation of TWS headphones has arrived, Freebuds Pro 2, which is also especially interesting because we are already convinced of the excellent quality of Huawei’s Freebuds, but also the fact that the audio delay is so small that we had to perform special tests to make sure that it exists at all.

They have almost everything you can expect from this type of headset, and even another driver per headset, which in combination with Devialet, a well-known French Hi-Fi company, should result in a fantastic sound. We hope to see that soon. Declared battery life without noise reduction lasts 6.5 hours, and if you leave them occasionally in a box that also charges them, it can be extended to 30 hours. Huawei also praised the extremely wide frequency range that the headphones can reproduce and explained that this is significantly more than the average human ear can hear, but also that there are as many as 3 microphones per headset for even better conversations and noise cancellation, and that they have everything modern codecs and that they are protected from water and dust, which is confirmed by IP54 certification. The recommended retail price of the headphones is € 199.

At the end of the product presentation, Huawei announced its entry into public institutions and presented a solution for the B2B segment. We have already tested their ecosystem and are closely monitoring its progress so this news was completely expected of us.

Huawei’s struggle with sanctions continues and no one can say at this point how long it will last and whether they will ever be lifted, but they are not given up. They present new devices, work on innovations and have great solutions, both hardware and software. Most of the presented devices should be available soon in our market, and as some of them have already started to arrive for testing, you can soon expect more detailed first impressions and reviews of the same.

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