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The Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency opened a tender this morning at 8 am to subsidize the purchase of energy efficient vehicles. Thus, when buying a vehicle with fully electric or hydrogen propulsion, a subsidy of up to HRK 70,000 could be realized, and for L1-L7 vehicles (electric scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, etc.), up to HRK 20,000 could be obtained.

For this year’s tender, HRK 103.3 million was provided for natural and legal persons, which expected a subsidy of around 1,860 vehicles, and another HRK 5 million for the public sector. But although many customers have been preparing for this year’s EPEEF incentives since the beginning of the year, all funds have been reserved for just 50 minutes. Moreover, in the first minute of the competition, as much as 30 percent of the total funds were reserved, and after only 30 minutes, the reservations reached 99 percent of the total funds.

Given that each point of sale of energy-efficient vehicles could receive only one application for the applications of its customers, the number of applications per showroom varies greatly. Thus, showrooms with a lower result managed to register only 5-6 vehicles in the stated 50 minutes of the competition, while more successful showrooms managed to do from 40 to as many as 60 registrations per point of sale.

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The e-mobility association Strujni krug made a short questionnaire for its members and it showed that large showrooms had bigger problems because they had a significantly higher number of orders per application that needed to be reported in a short time, while it seems that they some smaller showrooms had problems with poor preparation because they failed to report a significantly smaller number of vehicles within the specified period.

“Incentives for electric vehicles were reserved in a short time and we must admit that some showrooms delighted with the speed of registration, but on the other hand, there are many showrooms that had very few registrations. It is still early to say whether the problem was in poor preparation or technical difficulties, but we would certainly like to investigate this in the coming days, “said Hrvoje Prpić, president of the association Strujni krug.

Preparation for this year’s tender of the Fund was also important for buyers, and especially for legal entities that had to prepare significantly more necessary documents for application. The association Strujni krug points out that they prepared their members several months in advance according to the rules of last year’s competition and that it paid off because almost two thirds of members successfully applied for incentives regardless of the short duration of the competition.

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At the end of 2021, a total of 3,054 electric passenger and delivery vehicles were registered in Croatia, and given the Fund’s allocations this year, it is expected that 2022 could end with 5,000 registered electric vehicles. “Given the current situation in the automotive industry, we believe that the share of electric vehicle sales in the total sales of new vehicles will increase to 4 percent, which is still a serious growth,” Prpić explained.

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