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The construction sector represents an industry with a lot of dangers, bearing in mind that construction itself always carries a certain level of risk. The presence of various building materials, chemicals, working with heavy loads and at high altitudes – among other things, leads to daily exposure to hazards in the workplace of construction workers. Some of the most common accidents that occur as a result of these risks are falls from great heights, stumbling or falling at the same level, being trapped by collapsing or falling objects, being hit by a falling or flying object, injuries caused by handling heavy machinery, lifting or carrying loads.

It is also important to note that not all workplace injuries are the result of an accident. The activities performed by construction workers, as well as the conditions of their work, can worsen or even cause various conditions and diseases. Some of the conditions and diseases most commonly associated with construction work are deafness, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and asbestosis.

Given all this, assessing and better understanding the dangers to which workers are exposed is key to developing strategies whose implementation is necessary to prevent accidents on construction sites and reduce the risk to construction workers, thus enabling them to feel safe at work. place. The best way to better understand risk is to take a proactive and comprehensive approach to audits and reporting, which is the responsibility of health and safety managers. However, although their role is extremely important and the safety of construction workers is highly dependent on them, the job of health and safety manager is demanding, often underestimated and involves overcrowding with a pile of regulatory documents. , often makes it quite difficult and full of “obstacles”.

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The answer to this problem, the construction sector can find in digital solutions that can facilitate this area of ​​business and provide a safer working environment. Bojan Petković, Regional Director of PlanRadar, talks about the opportunities that innovative digital solutions can offer in the field of safety and health at work in the construction sector.

“Safety and health at work in construction can be improved through several synchronized processes. On the one hand, it is necessary to make it easier to record frequent problems, to speed up the process of reporting incidents by automation, as well as a detailed analysis of previous reports, in order to develop a strategy to prevent recurrence of errors. On the other hand, on construction sites around the world, and in the region, further work is needed to build a culture of continuous improvement, allowing workers easy access to and adoption of health and safety information and existing assessments and reports. Innovative digital solutions, such as PlanRadar, can bring a number of benefits to practical day-to-day use, allowing all team members to easily access or record all necessary information, even when offline, whether it is communication related to health and safety at work or creating templates and reports for future analysis “, claims Petković.

With the help of software, people in charge of safety and health at work can do their job more efficiently and in a shorter period of time, with the establishment of procedures, processes and practices that reduce known health and safety risks on construction sites, resulting in fewer accidents and occupational diseases. facing construction workers. The risky nature of the construction sector can certainly not be completely eradicated, but digital solutions that can facilitate health and safety at work undoubtedly represent a major step towards significantly improving working conditions and providing the necessary protection to the construction workforce.

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