With iOS 16, Apple wants to offer more gaming options. An interesting innovation was not even mentioned in the announcement. With the next version of the iPhone operating system, the Apple phone can handle Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller of the Nintendo Switch.


iOS 16: iPhone supports Nintendo Switch controllers

During the opening keynote of the WWDC 2022 developer conference, Apple explained how iOS 16 will improve the gaming experience. Updates to the Metal API and a redesigned Game Center are the focus here. In addition, iOS 16 also offers one Support for more game controllersincluding Nintendo’s Joy-Cons and the Switch’s Pro Controller.

With the just released developer beta for iOS 16 you can Joy-Cons and Pro controller paired with iPhone will. With the Joy-Cons, only one can be paired. Settings can be made in the Bluetooth options of the iPhone. According to the first reports, the controllers of the Nintendo Switch should also work well with the iPad (source: The Verge).

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In addition to Nintendo’s Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller, others are also supported, as a look at the iOS 16 beta code makes clear. 8Bitdo, BADA MOGA XP5-X Plus and the Logitech F710 gamepad can be paired with the iPhone. More models may be added before iOS 16 is released. The iPhone already supports the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X controllers.

Tips and tricks for the Nintendo Switch:

iOS 16 and Nintendo Switch Controller: First beta is ready

Developers can download the first iOS 16 beta from the Apple Developer website. A public beta will be available next month be, the final version is expected for autumn.

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iOS 16 includes several new features, including a completely redesigned lock screen with widgets and improvements to several system apps.