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Are you still waiting to buy a new iPhone 13 because number 14 is expected in a few months? If you ask me, this isn’t even such a good idea. Because it’s not just gas, petrol and electricity that are becoming more expensive, things are also getting more and more expensive at Apple. Let’s talk about it in the current issue of the GIGA weekend column.


The development has been apparent for several months. New Apple products are getting more and more expensive, most recently the MacBook Air 2022 with M2 chip. However, it is mainly only we Europeans who feel this price increase. US prices, on the other hand, remain stable at Apple. However, the value of our currency will not remain stable. The euro is constantly losing purchasing power against the US dollar. Last but not least, the Ukraine war is the reason for this. A situation that will not be resolved today or tomorrow, so it remains tense.

iPhone 14: It will cost at least a thousand

Unfortunately, the US dollar is still the key currency, and not only for Apple. Apple calculates the prices on this basis. The device prices of the international markets are then simply converted. In addition, there are localization costs, legal fees, taxes (US prices are always net) and Apple’s security surcharge for future currency fluctuations. All in all, a nice little cost package that we all have to bear.

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Fortunately, it still costs nothing in 2022 – Apple’s new system updates for the fall:

It is therefore already clear to me: The iPhone 14 is getting really expensive and should break new records. A calculation example. If we use Apple’s last price calculation (MacBook Air 2022) and assume that the actual US prices will remain unchanged and the mini model will no longer be offered, then the following possible price increases for the iPhone 14 result (roundings by me priced in):

  • iPhone 14: ab 799 US-Dollar = from 999 euros (currently from 899 euros)
  • iPhone 14 Max: ab 899 US-Dollar = from 1,119 euros (currently no price available, as it is a new model)
  • iPhone 14 Pro: ab 999 US-Dollar = from 1,249 euros (currently from 1,149 euros)
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: ab 1.099 US-Dollar = from 1,369 euros (currently from 1,249 euros)

The bottom line is that the new models will cost at least 100 euros more in this country. Basically, the price surcharge is even higher, because the iPhone 13 has of course been cheaper in free trade for a long time. For example, you currently pay well under 800 euros for the basic model (see price comparison at idealo.de). If the prices of the iPhone 14 initially remain stable, this then makes a price difference of over 200 euros.

My thoughts for the weekend: The column aims to provide food for thought and reflect on the week’s “news flood” towards the end. A small selection of previous articles in the column:

My advice: buy a cheap iPhone 13

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So I have good advice for you: Just leave the iPhone 14 behind and get the iPhone 13 in the foreseeable future. Technically, the basic version only improves to a limited extent and will probably have to be content with the same chip (A15). On the other hand, only the iPhone 14 Pro is really new – including a faster chip and better camera. But so much new then also costs a hefty surcharge. Is this worth it? You have to decide for yourself.

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