iPhone lies at the bottom of the river for 10 months and still works | TechBuzz

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We know that the iPhone is resistant to water. A little splash in the pool won’t be the end of Apple’s smartphone. Ten months under water, on the other hand…

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You would expect that such a long period of time would kill the iPhone, but the opposite turns out to be true. Owain Davies, a man from the United Kingdom, lived through it and tells his story.

iPhone operational after 10 months underwater

During his bachelorette party, Owain Davies got into a canoe and decided to take a fun trip with his friends. A journey that ultimately caused him to lose his iPhone. The smartphone fell out of his back pocket when he, along with a friend, ended up in the water after a stupid action. After a search, he couldn’t find the iPhone anymore and decided to consider it a lost cause.

Ten months later, Miquel Pacheco from Drybook (Gloucestershire) gets into a canoe in the same area. During his trip he saw something in the water, he decided to fish it and he was richer an iPhone. He took the device home, dried it and posted a photo on Facebook. “If I lose my phone, with a lot of pictures of my children, I would like to get it back,” he told the BBC.

He still does! (Afbeelding: Owain Davies & Miguel Pachaco via BBC)
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Finally, the iPhone, which was initially full of water, dried up completely with the help of an air compressor. Miraculously, he turned on and Pacheco saw a photo of a man and woman in the background. He shared the photo on Facebook and the phone returned to Owain Davies.

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A special achievement

It’s a beautiful story of how a man makes the effort to make someone he doesn’t know happy. But it is also above all a story that shows the impressive performance of this iPhone. New models have an IP-68 rating and can remain in fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

iPhone 6s falls from propeller plane, survives the fall and records everything

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That this device still worked after 10 months is really a miracle.

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iPhone lies at the bottom of the river for 10 months and still works

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